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worried about armpit swelling!!

I am having a armpit swelling for last 45 days and i am very scared about it.

It is very soft in nature (tender) and not very painfil, only if i press it inside to check what is swollen, there is a point there that pains.
Actually, I had a NON SEXUAL CONTACT with a russian girl recently. we hugged each others naked and then rubbed each others bodies against each other, etc. i also smooched her couple of times for few seconds.

But i am sure we had a protected sex after that. But, immediately after that i got this ARMPIT swelling and i am quite worried about it..i have no other symptoms as such. and even i had a test done for HIV elisa test, which came non-reactive. it was done on 37th day(5 weeks and 2 days )
so, how accurate that result can be? should i retest and
SKIN INFECTION related swelling can remain for such a long-time(there is a possibility there that it may have happened at the time of underarm shaving, cause of hair region getting hurt)

could it be some other STD?
PLEASE< PLEASE guide me.

please answer me asap.
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