6 months of hell - What is this----STD?
by HelpSeeker28, Oct 31, 2008
Hi - Any help please :-(,

6 months ago I had a bit too much to drink at a bar/club and ended-up sleeping with a girl I didn't know.  I had protected vaginal sex.  Before I put on the condom my penis did rub around on her body. Also, she gave me unprotected oral sex. I also barely had my lips in her genital area very briefly.  I think I licked the top area of her vagina (maybe 1 sec).  She also used her hands on my scrotum. Afterward, I asked her if she has any STDs and she said no.  She is 26 and said she has had about 10 sex partners in the past - she did return my calls initially but did not return my later calls which has me worried that maybe she is hiding something.

I have never had many health problems in my life but about 3 days after the sexual encounter, I noticed some discomfort in my genital/anal area.  I did not see anything visible besides a little redness on the scrotum. The discomfort felt like my skin needed air to breathe -- it was not itchy but maybe a slight burn and just dryness and tightness.  

About a week later, I started to experience a large amount of tingling just on my scrotum.  The tingling would last for about 3 - 5 sec and happen constantly through-out the day almost every few minutes.  This happened for about a month.  I also noticed my tongue was whiter than usual (especially in the back), and I had to cough-up small amounts of mucous once in a while - my saliva seemed very thick.

6 months later the tingling has died off a lot and now only occurs about maybe 8 - 10 times a day -- and some days even less to maybe only once or twice.  Also the tingling is not as severe and it only last briefly.  The constant discomfort is still there.  I also get strange tingling in my hands, feet, and toes sometimes, and a crawling like sensation on certain parts of my body. I have sinuses that I never had before -- it feels like a constant nasal drip going down my throat.  I have tried nasal sprays and antibiotics to no avail.

I took probiotics, tried something called Zand Candida Cleanse, and started eating a lot of yogurt.  My tongue seemed to return to a redder color and I felt somewhat better.  My nasal drip also seemed to clear-up quite a lot. And tingling in my hands seemed to disappear.  But it gets worse whenever I eat sugars, breads diet or regular soda, or go without sleep for a long period of time – all the symptoms return.  Showers are the only thing that seem to help.

I suspected herpes for a long time cause I saw and touched a blister like bump on this girl’s lower back - I think there were two blister like bumps on the back.  This girl also had some slight acne on her face - so don't know if it could have been body acne?  Afterward, I also had a loss of appetite and felt very tired more than usual.

I had igm and igg done at 1 week, 3 month, 5 month, and 6 1/2 month. The only positive was the 5 month igm hsv by Labcore (1.40). I took igm and herpes select igg at 6 1/2 month from Quest and came back overall negative for igm (igm via eia methodology was positive so confirmation was done igm via ifa methodology which came out negative) and igg hsv was negative.

Is it ok to accept that I do not have HSV based on these results?  I have not had any outbreaks, blisters, or obvious skin rashes.  If not HSV what else can it be?  I’ve had tests done for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV, Hep A, Hep B, Hep C, Trichomonas -  all have been negative .  I’ve had an ultrasound down – nothing alarming.  I have been to over 10 doctors!  

I did have a skin culture from scrotum done recently by an urologist and it showed heavy Staphylococcus bacteria growth and light Klebsiella pneumoniae bacteria growth.  Based on the test, the Staphylococcus seems to be resistant to many antibiotics  – I researched this and based on the antibiotics the bacteria is resistant to I am thinking could this be MRSA?  Could this be causing the problem and this much discomfort with no visible sores? Also would this explain my thick saliva and constant nasal drip/congestion if the bacteria got into my mouth?

I am at my wits end and the discomfort is every day for the last 7 months now! I don’t know what else to do? I have on antibiotics (Cipro) and antifungal (fluconazole) for about 7 days - it dosn’t seem to be working.  Any help would be appreciated…..The sad part in all this is I am not a promiscuous guy and barely even go out much --- just one bad mistake after drinking too much and now I am afraid I may have something I have to deal with this the rest of my life :-(.
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by FWK, Oct 31, 2008

For 8 months I have been having this phlegm after a sore throat after having sex witha guy, protected, now have sinus problems and pressure.
I had all you mention from tingling to headaches and ringing. I have vision problem also

if you tested at that time for STD's then you are fine I guess, i did might be stress. Talk to someone you trust.....I am afraid to tell you that the post nasal drip has no cure so is the sinus problem, we all have them, and they are complicated things for Drs.

by annie185, Oct 31, 2008
Hey.  I know how you feel hunny. It sounds to me like yeast infection... you probably already knew.  There are many things that you can try.. but don't do the flucanazole that **** makes; it worse everytime for me.. and I looked up statistics on it.. It really only cures 28 percent of people who take it according to a study from a clinic that specializes in vaginal ph.  You may want to finish taking it though first, just to see.. but don't get your hopes up pal.  I know your a man.. but men get yeast infections too... You should read this site.. and stay away from sugar or foods that your body treats like sugar... basically.. if it tastes good to you, or you crave it.. don't eat it.. because thats the yeast telling you to eat it.  I've been to the doctor 14 different times in the past year... Every perscription didn't work, and made things worse.  I am praying that I will not die of a yeast infection, because I now have oral thrush, because the doctors don't care about anything except their stupid ******* kick-downs from the pharmie companies.   I went to a natural food store a few days ago, and I bought some supplemts that were specifically for candida albicans overgrowth.  The one that seems to be helping most is called 'the original wormwood combination.  It has in it, black walnut leaf, wormwood herb, Quassia amara, cloves, and Male Fern Root.  I have been reading info on yeast for days,
I am going to try something new for the oral thrush that I just read about, and old natural remedy that is said to work.  Stew an organic hen.  pour the broth into a pot once cooled.  Put in a refridgerator and fat will rise to the top.  Scrape the fat from the broth.  Rub the fat inside the mouth and repeat for several days.

There are variations in the right foods to eat for candida on every site.. but I know for sure... no sugar.. no fruit.. no beans., no bread, no oats, or rice... What I'm going by is if one site says no to it.. then it's out...   Broccoli, and garlic together is supposed to be really good for cutting down the candida...  I'm going to right a list today of foods that all the sites say are good to eat...  The foods that they all have in common on the good to eat list...
I'll get back to everyone on whether or not the Hen fat works for the oral thrush.. and with the list.
by auntiejessiBlank, Oct 31, 2008
If you are reacting to foods that are high in sugars, etc., maybe you need to be tested for diabetes, or even celiac disease.

Its not an std.

by annie185, Nov 01, 2008
I tried the chicken fat thing.. didn't work... even made things a little worse...  but what I have been doing for the last 5 days has been giving me improvements in the oral thrush area.  I have been eating a clove of garlic every, then holding a tablespoon of yogurt in my mouth for 5 minutes, after which I spit it out.. I do this every 3 hours because that was what was recommended.. It's the only thing I'm sure is helping, although I found another something that really seems to be helping.. but I'll mention it in a few days, just so I can be sure.. I read somewhere that it is good to use grapefruit seed extract in water on all vegetables you ingest(including the garlic).. This is supposed to rid the veggies of mold, thus not feeding any candida albicans or yeast, (and actually fighting them off in the case of the garlic.)  This makes sense to me because a number of sources suggest grapefruit seed extract as a tool in fighting candida albicans.  The best thing though that I can suggest, and which seems to be helping me the most is the supplements I bought..  Go to a health food store.. or whole foods.. and look for supplements that are candida albican, or yeast fighters.. this has been helping me the most.. I no longer have blood in my urine, and my ear infection is almost gone... The symptoms of my yeast infection are nearly non-existant now, and the oral thrush is subsiding... one of my lymph nodes is still swollen, but that is showing that my immune system is responding to the yeast infection.  My throat isn't sore today.. Thank God. I will leave a list on this site later today, of all the foods I know for sure are okay to eat if you're trying not to feed the yeast.  Any not on the list are ones that I found conflicting info on, or that I noticed made things that chicken fat thing and beans.....  It is really important to treat your vegetables with the grapefruit seed extract.. because even ones that don't normally feed the yeast.. may have small amounts of mold just from sitting in your fridge...  and that mold if not removed feeds the yeast.  This is all just suggestions from what I am trying now, and what seems to be helping.. and what I have read....   Please think about these things on your own, and read about the condition on your own as well, and if you feel something is not working.. then quit using it.. Some supplements.. such as the wormwood one I am taking.. mention that for day or two after it can make you feel tired... and cause various other symptoms... that might make you feel worse.. just because it is killing the candida so rabidly.. and many of the supplements I am taking on the label, suggest easing into it.. starting at a smaller dose, and then increasing the dose for the same reason.. always read the label, and follow the directions...     Love, Annie
by HelpSeeker28, Nov 02, 2008
I have been on Cipro and Fluconazole for almost 10 days now - things do seem to have gotten better - especially with the tingling on different parts of the body. I am also using Staphaseptic on the scrotal area for the discomfort and tingling there. This really seems to help. I am starting to believe that this is either a bacterial type of staph infection or possibly some kind of Candida/Yeast issue. I am leaning towards the bacterial staph since the skin culture found the antibiotic resistant Staphylococcus bacteria and Klebsiella pneumoniae bacteria growth on the scrotum - which I think is not normal.  This does sound like it could possibly be MRSA based on my research. MRSA is a growing epidemic. Many people pick it up in hospitals and then transfer it to other people via skin to skin contact. I will ask the doctor when I see him this week.

The good news is whether Candida/Yeast or MRSA - both are treatable especially when dealt with early.

The one problem I still have besides for the tingling scrotum area is that when I eat sugars, breads, etc....  my saliva seems to feel more mucous-like and I have to spit more often ----this happens less frequently as it used too ----but I want it gone completely.  If anyone has info on what may help, please post.

Also, I found a tongue-scraper and biotene mouth wash helped me.

by auntiejessiBlank, Nov 02, 2008
You should post in the dental health forum for that.

by sciencejournalist, Aug 07, 2014
Look, take it easy. There is nothing seriously wrong with you except a mild paranoia. You dont have an STD of any kind, but might have a fungal infection, along with some staph, Thats damn close to normal, almost everybody has some kind of an itch or a rash down there. Dont panic!