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Additional Info-HPV
I am a guy who posted a bit ago regarding having received unprotected oral from a female stripper. the stripper had had children two months prior to our encounter and stated that all was fine with her in relation to hiv and std's. I am currently waiting for results from an std panel which I am optimistic on thanks to your advice. Now for a new bit of information I forgot and two questions. The female stripper did say she had had hpv since she was 16 and that her mother and sister also had it. She did mention that she had cervical issues and was going to get treatment. Is this something I need to worry about from having received oral from her? Also, my gf mentioned she felt like she was getting a yeast infection the day I after I performed oral on her, now I have had a sore throat for about a week? Is it possible the sore throat is related to either event? Thanks for your time and help on the last go round. Same as the last time I will only be saying thanks to your response.
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HPV is very widespread.  You may wish to read some of the expansive posts on this site relating to HPV.  Briefly however, the bottom line is that nearly all persons who are sexually active acquire HPV. Some become aware with visible genital warts, most do not.  In a small fraction of women with HPV of certain types the infection can persist (most people clear the infection themselves) and can cause PAP smear abnormalities or even cancer- this is very rare.  Even more rarely, in men HPV can persist and casue cancer (which is visible and easily treated, should it occur).  These rarer complications take years to occur in most instances.  As for your experience, Oral  to genital transmission is exceedingly rare and not something for you to be concerned about.

Your GF's yeast infection may have come from your oral exposure to her but it is not related to your earlier exposure of concern.  It is far more likely to represent plain old bad luck.

Your sore throat following oral is not an uncommon experience but is not related to anything you got from her.  In fact, when STDs occur from oral exposure, they are most often asymptomatic.  

Hope this helps.  EWH
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