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Are all warts contagious?
Doctor, I recently visited a strip joint and received a few lap dances from a stripper with a large wart on her back and another wart between her breasts.  I accidentally touched the wart on her back and a few minutes later I proceeded to masturbate.  I did not wash my hands before masturbating and I am now worried that if the wart was contagious I could have transferred it to my genital area.  Two questions.  Are all warts contagious?  Could I be at risk for warts in my genital area as a result of touching the wart on her back and then masturbating?  I appreciate your prompt response.  This is a great forum.
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Welcome to our Forum.  I'll be pleased to comment on your questions.  Let me first point out that warts in the locations that you describe are quite unusual.   Further there are many skin conditions (skin tags, moles, other dermatological, etc.) which can be mistaken for warts.  When warts do occur in this locations, they are typically not caused by the same sort of HPV types that cause genital warts.  Thus I am doubtful that what you thought were warts, actually were.  Even if they were however, the sorts of exposures you describe rarely lead to transmission of infection and would be unlikely to cause warts for you.  finally, if it occurs at all, any many experts do not believe it does, hand to genital transfer of HPV is very, very rare.

I hope my comments are helpful.  EWH
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