Are there Other STD's that cause Diarrhea?
by MasterOvRisk, Sep 22, 2008
I recently have had an experience with a hooker. and since then i have had loose stool. not like Diarrhea, but it's sold until i flush it and then it breaks apart.  i researched healthy stool and found that mine is not healthy, as it is not solid and in one piece like before. also, i poop more than usual, going about 3 times a day other than 1 to 2 times.

I've heard HIV can cause Diarrhea, but i have not had any of those common symptoms associated with it other than Diarrhea.

Might i have Caught some type of infection from this woman?  are there any other STD's that cause Diarrhea other than HIV?
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by Vance2335Blank, Sep 22, 2008
Chances are you are anxious about your exposure which will cause a lot of other "symptoms" but are really just the mind playing tricks on us.

No STD's really do not cause diarrhea.

Since you are worried about your exposure I would advise testing and it will ease your mind and your body will go back to normal.