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Augh, Pain in penis, Herpes?
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Augh, Pain in penis, Herpes?

Hello, I am in my late 40's and aproximatlly 4 weeks ago i had protected vaginal/oral sex with a sex worker in a massage parlor.  Total episode was less than 20 minutes in length.  This was only 1 of three parters in over 20 years.  About two weeks ago I started feeling pain around my butt bone, i was very tired (I mean uncharacteristically tired), bizarre pains inside my penis not related to urination and the skin on my penis was/is irritable.  Well the pain may be in my eurithra but the pain does not increase when I urinate and I cannot recreate the pains...they feel like they are deep inside.  Sorry that my best explanation.  In the last two weeks i had unprotected vaginal/oral sex twice the last leading to an increase in soreness(inside the shaft,more when erect) and more irritation of the skin on the shaft of my penis.  Again no pain with urination or ejaculation.  After the last episode my penis seemed swollen and lost some senistivity.  I do not have any noticable rash or bumps/sores, even though it feels like a rash.  My current partner is disease free and I need to know if I am putting her at risk.  The visit to the massage parlor was a one time event.  

All the information I read about statisics and the seemingly inconsistantcy of the symptoms scares me.  
I was tested for other STDs about 10 days ago.  However, since there was an absence of sores the Dr. did not do a test for herpes.  
Could this be herpes?  Or another STD?  Any guidence would be greatly appreciated.  
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Welcome to the STD forum.

Reacting first to the title you chose for your question, before reading anything else:  Herpes generally does not cause pain not accompanied by typical lesions on the skin.  So my guess is that your penile pain isn't due to herpes.

Now I have read the question.  Herpes has variable presentations, but your symptoms really are not compatible with herpes.  Herpes pain would be continuous; if due to lesions in the urethra, pain during urination usually is excrutiating; and I have never seen a case asociated with the sort of pains you describe.  No other STD is a likely explanation either.  And having had protected sex, it is unlikely you acquired herpes or other STD during the exposure described.

My advice is to continue to work with your personal physician if your symptoms continue.  A prostate gland problem (not due to STD) might cause pain like this.  I agree testing for herpes really isn't warranted.  But if you continue to be concerned about it, perhaps your doctor would consider an HSV blood test.  In the meantime, I wouldn't be worried about the ultimate outcome.  I see no realistic chance you have any STD, or anything else that is likely to harm you or your main sex partner.

Regards--  HHH, MD
I have same symptoms.  here's my post

I had a brief encounter where I deeply kissed a woman, she performed felatio on me and I performed cunnilingus on her.  My penis touced her outer vaginal lips but there was no penetration.  Shortly thereafter, I started experiencing symptoms ie, burning when peeing, soreness of penis.  Went to doc in box and was given anti fungal for poss yeast on exterior of penis, and something else for penis pain.  The pain never went away.  I felt like a truck hit me for next month and have not felt right since.  Symptoms including lower back pain, now pain in my rectal/prostate area, tingling in extremeties, lightheadedness, pain in my groin above my penis but below my navel.  Weird skin conditions that I never had before, such as pimple like bumps and weird rashes.  I also have experienced night sweats at neck and groin.  Joint pain and muscle weakness.  Stiff neck and headaches as well.
I have had all sorts of std testing.  HSV1 was pos.  But IGGM was neg. I had had lesions before on upper lip.  HSV2 were neg through 8 months.  I even had HIV tests at 2.4 and10 months, and an ORAL HPV DNA PCR test (2 times)  all neg.
  I have tried to do research to find out what is going on and all the doctors want to treat me for is anxiety.  Im anxious because they have not tested me any further than the standard CBC, Thyroid, Celiac, Blood sugar tests.
  Now I have pain in my chest and throat that is not psychosematic.  It wakes me up and hurts.  My head hurts when I try to do complicated tasks and I feel as if I am running on 2 cylinders.  
  I have asked the Internist to do some Mycoplasma screening tests as my symptoms (neurological and intestinal) can be attributed to it.  The symptoms appear to be exactly like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Im always worn out, no energy at all.
  The woman I spent that brief encounter with told me she had had bowel probs for years, had a very rough pregnancy with her only child and could not concieve (conceive) again.  That suggests possible PID with a Mycoplasma infection.  She only works weekends, as she suffers from fatigue as well. And I have heard the Mycoplasma infections are the up and coming STD that has surpassed gonorhea or coming close to it.
  PLEASE, any info or which way to test to see what the hell is going on here.  I WANT MY LIFE BACK!!
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