Blood test for HPV?
by Alexandra669, Sep 08, 2007
Am I right in my understanding that there are blood tests for some of the strains of HPV but that they will only tell of recent activity?

I had HPV many years ago, (it was of the sort that is linked to cervical cancer but I forget which number it was) had a few bouts, then all clear for years. Recently had a CIN3 result papsmear, then pinch biopsy - all well and am on six month repeats.

I have been told there is no indication of any types of HPV but I would like to be sure of my information and what test I should pay for. I always practice safe sex and understand the likelihood that most people have been exposed to HPV. I am entering into a relationship where I would like not to use condoms and want to understand both my chances of passing on HPV and their options for personal testing.

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by mayflowers, Sep 09, 2007
There are NO blood tests for HPV.  There is an HPV test but it's only for women and is taken by swabbing the cervic/vagina.  Get that test and it will tell you if you have an active HPV infection at this time.

Everyone who is sexually active will get HPV at some point.   Whoever you thinking abt having a relationship with now has probably already been exposed (unless he/she is a virgin and have never touched another human being sexually).
by mayflowers, Sep 09, 2007
I should have said that IF your new partner has had the vaccine, that is going to help them if they haven't been exposed to one of the 4 HPV's that the vaccine covers.  If your new partner has had the vaccine, they can't "catch" it from you.  There are over 100 HPV's and abt 30-40 are STD's.  The vaccine covers only 4 but 2 of them cause warts and 2 CAN  cause dysplasia which can lead to cervical cancer in women.  The 4 that the vaccine covers are the most common HPV's.
by gracefromHHP, Sep 09, 2007
Actually there are blood tests for hpv ( sorry mayflowers ) - there are also a few urine tests out there too.  However the cavat is - they aren't very useful outside of research.   It's my understanding that they aren't type specific and only tell you if you have hpv in your body - not where.  For the kind of info you want - you want to stick with the hpv dna tests from your cervical area and not bother with the blood test.  

If you are going to not use condoms in a new relationship alexandra - be sure to cover all the other bases and both of you get tested for all std's. Make sure you get a print out of what you were tested for so that you know that you were tested for herpes too. has a whole list of std's and how to test for them ( they are down for the weekend though for upgrades ).  It's so much more than just about your own hpv infection.  

by mayflowers, Sep 09, 2007
That's interesting that there is a blood test for HPV.  I checked all over the web and didn't see that there were any and Dr H has never mentioned it on his posts (that I've seen) but sounds like there are some out there.  

Do you know if the HPV test will test for just the STD type or is it for all the hpv's (like the ones that cause warts on hands/feet)? I mean, will it show if you have the STD type or just any type of HPV?

Thanks for the info!  As usual, you are up on the latest information!!!