Burning tingling urethra testicles anus
by B12guy, Jun 30, 2008
I have a problem with my bottom of my testicles and penis also the inside of my urethra and "left nut kinda hurting" also my anus burning or tingling like . I was dry humping realy hard, i remember my nuts being squashed and me penis coming out of my boxers and rubbing on the inside of my jeans. I also had taken an energy supplement that made me throw up all day. Also it made me nauseas and unable to poop or hold down food. I got some prune juice n it helped clear things up but just as i started to feel better, this odd buring tnigling feeling exactly like bengay cream or a muscle relaxing cream sensation but not as strong was all over my testicles and penis. The tip of my penis was very sensitive then 2 days later it started on my anus , just recently now my lower left abdomen has a slight discomfort in it, and it feels like the inside of my ureathra is hurt like if i squeezed me penis tightly sorta bruised like feeling . I have no signs of rashed or bumps ... skin apears normal ... no burning hot pee, so far these symtoms have been going on for a week? i dont kno whats wrong im scared please help me find some answers!
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by auntiejessiBlank, Jun 30, 2008
Wow - I don't know if that's side effects from the energy supplement, or what happened after, or an std, but you need to be checked out, and I would do it sooner rather than later.

by auntiejessiBlank, Jun 30, 2008
Oh - If this dry humping is the only thing you are concerned about, then you wouldn't have an std from that.

There is no risk with dry humping.
by B12guy, Jul 01, 2008
Coundlt it be fro humping so hard that i damage the ureathra from i dont kno my penis bending ? and the irritation from the friction? but the thing is why would it occur 3 days after? n not immediatly if it was friction or somthing ... im still a virgin ... can u get an infection from toilet water splashing up and hitting your anus or penis tip?
by auntiejessiBlank, Jul 01, 2008
No, you can't get an std that way.

Since you are a virgin, I would suspect this is something else than an std, and you do need to get it checked out.

by webcrawler, Jul 01, 2008
Since you did not have sex, it is not an STD.

I have had similar symptoms before. My symptoms were burning/tingling in anus, thighs, scrotum, and penis. Sometimes overt pain in one side of my penis. My doctor attributed it to a non-STD infection. His hypothesis was that the infection affected the nerves in the area.

In your case, maybe your damaged them via dry humping or had an infection (the symptoms you mention do not sound like they came from an energy supplement). Adenovirus for example can infect your digestive or urinary systems and cause all sorts of havoc. It is typically associated with the common cold. You could also have prostatitis. OR you could be worrying so much about your penis that it is causing the pain to feel worse.

Go see a doctor. He will most likely do a prostate exam.