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CHLAMYDIA clean partners after sex having different different results
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CHLAMYDIA clean partners after sex having different different results


Before we have started sex with my partner we both got tested for std and both came out clean.
None of us ( definitelly not me) had any sex for 2-3 month before the test.

WE started having sex, and after a weak i started getting weird pain and heavy chlamydia like symptoms that worsen over the next week.
I had a pain in abdomen that was quite sharp and went to dr. and after cervix cell sample she said I have chlamydia.
How is this possible since in months I had sex only with my boyfriend, and prior first intercourse we both have been tested with negative results?

We had our tests done in two different places.
My tests before and after having sex with my boyfriend were cervix cell samples.
His test were urine test not a swab test. He also drinks a LOT of water and takes full vitamin suplements daily and urinates a lot ( always thought was because of drinking a lot of water).

Is it possible that my cervix sample was false and I was carrying it before for a year or 2 without the symptoms and got the symptoms week after having sex with my bf?

Or is it possible that he was carrying it silently for a long time without any symptoms except frequent urination and had false results on his urine test?

He said he has been faithful from the day we became exclusive not from the day we started having sex.
He wonders whether he was carrying it from his previous relationship and passed it on to me.

How is this possible?

Please help because I'm going nuts.
I just received the treatment 250 azithromycin sandoz 250 x4 tablets at one dose. I hope this will help.

Thank you.

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Hi and welcome. You came down with symptoms after you had sex with him so i would rule out that you had it before. I also dont think you had a false postive because you got symptoms.
Weather you boyfriend had a false negative do to drinking water and had a urine test, maybe. Swab tests for men are somewhat preferred as the bacteria is right there in the urethrea.
I dont honestly believe the answer can be known. You mention he had urge for frequent urination prior and that is a symptom but usually is a slight yellow discharge with it. Just have him tested and treated and move on is the only answer.
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