Can an STD stop guys getting a full erection?
by dll01, Dec 06, 2010
I slept with a guy at weekend and he had trouble getting a full erection.  We did have a really big night drinking the night before and tried to have sex a while after we woke up.  Could the alcohol still affect his erection or could he have an STD that would stop him from getting an erection?
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by kdaily, Dec 06, 2010
it could def. be the alcohol but it could be many other things.. ie errectile disfunction ect. if it ws unprotected you should consider std testing just in case.
by dll01, Dec 07, 2010
Okay little embarrassed talking about this but your or anyone else's advice would be really helpful!  We did try to have sex with a condom but it just wasn't working because he wasn't fully erect.  We tried that for ages.  Then we tried without a condom for a few minutes but that also didn't get us anywhere so we gave up.  Would I still need to have an STD test?  He is quite young (22) so I am assuming this was due to large amount of alcohol we drank the night before.  I guess to put my mind at ease I could go get one of those home test chlamydia things.  If I understand correctly I would be low risk for everything else and you have to wait 3 months after the encounter before you tested?  Whereas for chlamydia you can get tested after a few days?  What do you think?  
by princecharm, Dec 07, 2010
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