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Candida Albicans?
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Candida Albicans?


32 y/o male.  As part of a routine STD screening, my urine culture came up positive for Candida Albicans, all others negative.  I do not have any rashes of any sort as most symptoms would suggest, however I have always had a slight tingling sensation once in a while due to a prior chlamydia infection over a year ago (i'm confident that this is mental and/or the "sprained ankle" symptom).

There doesn't appear to be much info out there on Candida Albicans in men.  I understand that everybody has the yeast in their body.  Is it normal for it to show up in a culture even if there are no outward rash like symptoms?  Could I have gotten this by having unprotected sex with my partner if she had a yeast infection at the time?  Is this even considered an STD?

Thanks in advance.
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Welcome to the Forum.  Before I comment on your questions about Candida, let me comment that to do a "routine" urine culture on a man who has no symptoms is a bit unusual.  I'm surprised the test was taken at all.

As you point out Candida and other yeast are part of our "normal flora", i.e. the bacteria and yeast that are on and in our bodies and which we co-exist with as a part of general health.  Candida is a relatively common contaminant of cultures taken from people (blood, urine or other cultures which would be taken for any of a number of indications).  In the absence of evidence of disease (urinary symptoms, a rash, etc) my inclination would be to ignore your positive culture and to chalk it up to contamination.  In the absence of symptoms or signs of anything abnormal I likewise see no need to repeat the test.

Just a though in passing.  You do not mention if you are circumcised or not.  Uncircumcised men are somewhat more likely to have fungal colonization than uncircumcised men. the reason for this is that the relatively moist, dark environment under an intact foreskin favors growth co colonizing organisms.

That you were drinking alcohol the night before does not change your likelihood of fungal colonization.  

I hope this comment is helpful to you. EWH
Drs, I would also like to add that I was drinking alcohol the night before i had the test done.  I thought this might be relevant information as i've read that alcohol can be conducive to the growth of this yeast.

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