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Canker Sore/Fever Blister
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Canker Sore/Fever Blister

I am a 40 year old with no prior STDs.  I have the Hepatitis vaccinations.  I am circumcised.

I had sex with a CSW in a brothel in Europe.  When I arrived, I selected the girl and they put me in a room.  The girl came in with two condoms, some lubrication, and tissue.  She placed the condom on and gave me oral sex for 10 secs.

She put some lube on the condom and we proceeded to have protected vaginal sex.  I rubbed her clitoris with my hand and found that she was dry so I licked that same hand and rubbed her again.  I think I pulled my penis out (with condom on) and rubbed her clitoris with it prior to this.  I had a canker sores/fever blister at the time.  This one was on the outside corner of my upper lip and was in the stage where there was a scab on it and it was not bleeding or had any discharge.  Should I be worried about catching anything from licking my hand that just touched her clitoris?  That was the only time I did this.  I did not perform oral sex on her.

Having sex from behind, I could feel the condom slipping off so I told her to stop and I pulled out.  As I did, I pulled out of the condom too.  The condom fell to the bed.  I don't think I had any direct contact with the the tip of my penis and her vagina, but I can't be certain.

We put new condom on.  We finished having normal vaginal sex with no issues.  After it was over, she took the condom off and held it up to see if anything was leaking from it.  There was none.

My penis had a reddish mark on the top base - from grinding.  I watched this closely and it was gone 24 hours later.

I am in a relationship and don't want to infect my partner.  I immediately started taking Minocycline.  200mg once with 100 mg twice a day till gone.  I now see that this was not recommended from other posts.

My questions are, what is my risk for HIV/STDs?  Should I get tested?  Is it OK to have unprotected sex with my normal partner?  What would you do in my position?

Thanks in advance!!
Welcome to the Forum.  Other than taking the minocycline you have done everything right.  None of the activities you describe put you at any meaningful risk for any STI.  Touching your partner's clitoris and then licking your finger is not a risky activity and that you pulled out of your condom as your left your partner likewise is no risk.

There is no reason for concern, no reason for testing, no reason to abstain from unprotected sex with your regular partner related to the activities you describe.  There is also no reason to continue to take the minocycline.  I hope this comment is helpful.  EWH
Dr. Hook,

I have read your response many times and it has given me comfort (at least for the physical anxiety with regards to STIs, not for the guilt I feel) for this very big mistake I made.  Thank you, Dr. Handsfield and Terri for doing these forums!!

It has been a little over two weeks and I have no signs of STIs (at least none that I can tell).  I assume the antibiotic would stop bacterial infections and my hep vaccinations eliminate that risk.  So what is left is HIV (basically zero risk), HPV (I understand most get this at some point), and Herpes (usually shows in less than 2 weeks?).

I get regular hsv-1 outbreaks (1-2 times per year).  I know what they feel and look like and can sense the tingling/burning just before I get them.  I assume it is the same for hsv-2.

My question is...If I were to get hsv-2, would I get outbreaks (because I get hsv-1 outbreaks) or could I be asymptomatic now that I am past the 2 week mark?  Can one be symptomatic and the other asymptomatic?  Am I over-analyzing this?.  I am not sure what my chances of acquiring Herpes/HPV, but I assume they are small.

Per your recommendation, I resumed unprotected sex with my partner and don't plan on getting tested.

Thank you!
I really think you are overanalyzing this.  My recommendation os to go forward with confidence that you did not get herpes.  EWH
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