Canker sore/Tonsil trouble
by Nathanx85, Aug 22, 2012
Hi everyone,
So 6 days after having unprotected oral sex with a male, (I am a male as well), I began to develop a bit of a sore throat. This went away after a day or two but I still had some red inflammation near the back of mouth, (Around the uvula and tonsils). 3 weeks after sex, I noticed a few white tonsil stone type things on my tonsils. They were really tiny. They weren't painful but I was a little scared they could be an STD. I rinsed my mouth with salt water, vinegar/honey, and hydrogen peroxide for the next 2 or 3 days, even applying the mixtures directly to the tonsil bumps with Q-tips. After this, I developed aphthous ulcers, or canker sores where the white spots were. I went to my doctor and he said it was just some canker sores due to stress and physical trauma from my attempt to get rid of them with Q-tips and home remedies. Does this sound correct or could it be an STD? It's been a week since they appeared and they are completely healed, though I still have a small tonsil stone and red inflammation. Though, there is no pain. I was terrified for a whilte thinking these could be ARS/HIV symptoms but I was told on a previous posting that uprotected oral posed no risk, and I had the guy go get tested a week after sex and he was negative. My only other symptoms are a mild headache and stomach indigestion/diarrhea that comes and goes but was kind of bad when the canker sores were present. So, my question I guess is, does this sound like an STD or just symptoms of stress that I provoked with a Q-tip and home remedies? Oh, and in the past, I've never gotten canker sores nor visible tonsil stones.
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by gracefromHHP, Aug 22, 2012
in the future, protect yourself and only have protected sexual contact . not worth all this worry and protected oral sex is almost no std risk at all.

your symptoms may or may not be std related. the vinegar which is an acid and the peroxide which is non-chlorine bleach very well might've made things worse instead of better :(  Since you had unprotected oral, not a bad idea to get a std swab of your throat just to err on the side of caution.  

by Nathanx85, Aug 23, 2012
Thanks for the input Grace. This was actually my first ever sexual experience. :( I won't ever have unprotected sex again, I swear it's not worth the worry. I just hope I didn't ruin sex forever with this first stupid choice. I was wondering though, do you have any idea what kind of std it could be? I've been looking across all the oral ones and can't seem to find any that relate to my symptoms. At the moment, the canker sores and irritation has completely healed. The only symptom that remains is a small white bump (pretty sure it's a tonsil stone) in a groove behind my left tonsil. It doesn't look like a cold sore...
by gracefromHHP, Aug 23, 2012
this doesn't sound like herpes going on and everything else you were at risk for we can cure with antibiotics :)  not the end of the world by no means.

by Nathanx85, Sep 02, 2012
So this is kind of a gross update, but turns out the white bumps really were just tonsil stones. They came out with some coaxing and I am now symptom free. Pretty sure the small canker sores were caused by my own irritation. Still scared of the possibility of an std without symptoms but will test later on. I definitely will never have unprotected sex of any kind again. Thanks Grace for your help! Praying for the best.