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Chlamydia infection
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Chlamydia infection

My boyfriend and I have been together just for a month, before having unprotected sex we got tested for STD, we both had all negative results but he didn't get tested for Chlamydia.
When we noticed that the Chlamidya test was missing we already had unprotected sex, he went back to the clinic, got tested and was diagnosed with Chlamydia last week. Neither him nor me had any symptoms. The doctor gave him 1g Zirtomax and 100mg Doxi twice a day for 10 days as he said the infection could have been there for a while, he also said I surely didn't have it before having sex with him (because of my negative result) but that I should take the medicine without testing as I was at risk. He gave me 2g Zirtomax to take all together in one day. After two days I started having unusual discharge. I know this could be a symptom of Chlamydia but I also know the antibiotics I took could have caused thrush. I had thrush before in my life and it really looks like it but with no annoying symptoms like burning or itchiness, so I am not sure if this is the case and I am getting worried that the cure didn't work.
The doctor said we both need to get tested in 3-4 weeks and then again in 3 months. We will not have sex until the next negative test result.
I just needed another medical opinion about the cure for Chlamydia.
1.How effective is it? Might it be not working and how do I know?
2.Are there any chances that I not even had Chlamydia as my boyfriend usually withdraws before the orgasm?
3.If I have thrush, can I take Sporanox itraconazole without affecting the antibiotics effect?
4.The doctor suggested to have a pap test to check for Chlamydia instead of a urine test in 3-4 weeks. Is the urine test not reliable?
Thanks for your help.
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Avatar n tn
Your doctor is confusing me:

A) He says your boyfriend has chlamydia. So he gives him 1 gram of Zithromax (standard form of treatment)

But  he also gives him 100 mg Doxi for 10 days...  this is not standard. Doxi is taken for 7 days. (if i remember correctly) And I have never heard of it taken in conjunction with Zithromax...  maybe so if it is a persistant case of Chlamydia, but this is the first case for your boy friend that we know of... so why treat as a persistant form?

B) He then tells you to take 2 grams of Zithromax....   2 Grams of Zithormax is commonly given to cover/cure both Gonorhea and chlamydia...   but you have not been exposed to gonorhea so why give you a 2 gram dose?

C) Zithromax treatment for Gonorhea is currently not considered the best form of treatment for Gonorhea, it is now a shot of Rocephin 250mg in the rear end. So again why give you 2 grams of Zithromax, if he suspected Gohorhea, he should have used optimal treatment methods.

Sorry to say I do not have any other information to give you regarding the rest of your post.
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