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Clarification on whether I have an STD or something else
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Clarification on whether I have an STD or something else

Good day Dr. I am inquiring based on my recent sexual activity with someone I was interested in. What is your prognosis on my condition.

condom did not break although I was thrusting a little too hard on her

11/19 Thursday @ around 2:30pm had protected sex used Trojan Ultra Slim Lubricated (gray box) for first time, normally use Trojan Ultra Ribbed Lubricated (yellow box); Don't know if that makes a difference!!

11/20 Friday @ around 8:30/9am took bath, penis was sensitive to touch

11/20 @ just b4 midnight took bath, penis was sensitive to touch

11/21 Saturday @ 7:00am took bath, penis was sensitive to touch, noticed 5-7 small red bumps on penis head and noticeable redness on the left side of shaft, it's also visible on shaft and rim of penis head more so smaller in size than the ones on penis head

Few hours  ago  after checking again, bumps still present, but redness on shaft not as highlighted as it has been during shower/shortly thereafter earlier this morning.

Here’s what I can tell you so far
No burning sensation during urination
No Itching
No High Odor smells
Faint sporadic tingles at best

Those 'tingles' leads me to believe the reason why I am urinating more frequently in shorter periods of time than I usually would. When I check to see if I am wet at the tip of my penis not however.

Any light you can shed on this doctor is appreciated.
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Welcome to the STD forum.

No STD is a likely explanation, since you used a condom.  This sounds more like it might in fact be due to the condoms themselves, i.e. maybe an allergy to latex, or chemical/allergic reaction to lubricant in the condoms.  The latter is especially likely if the lubricant contained the spermicide nonoxynol-9 (the most common spermicide), which can be quite irritating.  Alternatively, perhaps this is nothing more than minor irritation due to the vigor of sex.

If your symptoms persist or you otherwise remain concerned, see a doctor or clinic about it.  Your local health department STD clinic would be an excellent choice, or see your primary care provider.  In that case, perhaps your partner also should be examined.   But my bet is that neither of you has any STD that explains these symptoms.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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Thank you Dr. Handsfield. Are there any over the counter creams to prescribe for this or will they disappear within a few days or weeks?
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