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Could be Herpes?
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Could be Herpes?


As you already know, you provide an extremely valuable public health service. So, thank you in advance.
Anyhow, I received vigorous unprotected oral sex and had very brief protected vaginal sex with a female  sex worker who looked to have redness (maybe a herpes outbreak) around her mouth. I had a small cut on my penis.

1. Day 3 after exposure a blister formed at the site of my penis cut. Several other blisters formed over the next few days. They were not really painful.
- Blister was seen by experienced Emergency Care doctor who said he never saw herpes look like that so 100% sure not herpes.  Thought it was another STD.
- Was seen by Dermatologist who said might be Herpes but was not sure.

2. Day 60 saw redness on penis felt tingling/itching and then saw two small blisters form in the same area on my penis head as the initial outbreak. Blisters healed quickly but irritation has remained for weeks, and is made worse by masturbation.

In between these two outbreaks, I have had a tremendous amount of penis head skin irritation including redness, white spots, cracks etc. I was examined by several experienced Doctors who saw my penis without blisters but with the irritation. Some said it looked like a yeast infection (tested negative for yeast), and others said like eczema or some sort of dermatitis. The redness is made much worse from the friction due to masturbation.


I took one 7 day (twice a day) course of Valtrex, three days after noticing the symptoms.
• Herpeselect Type 1 and 2- Negative tests 3, 10, and 12.5 weeks after onset of symptoms
• Biokit- Negative at 12.5 weeks after onset
• Culture-Negative-Was taken nearly 3 days after outbreak.Dermatologist said lesion was a bit dry


1. What is probability I have Herpes?
2. What further testing should be done to provide me with closure and when should I take these tests? I will spend the money if the tests will improve the accuracy of the diagnosis.

I plan to get a PCR test done if another blister appears.

Thank You!

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you already asked about this on the herpes forum and received an answer.   follow up there if you have new questions/comments.

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