Diabetes and Herpes
by wondering why, Apr 10, 2005
I was diagnosed with Herpes about 2 weeks ago. I hadn't had sex in since Oct 04 and the person I had sex with a month ago went and got a blood test done in 2 hours that came back negative for herpes. What I was wondering If I all ready had the diease How come I never got any symptons until I had sex with him? Also

will taking Alyvoir (I think thats it) affect my diabectic medications such as Advandamet  and Metformin?

What if symptons last over a month are there stronger outbreak prevention medications to take?
With a test result in only 2 hours, your partner probably had the Biokit HSV-2 test.  It is 90% sensitive, meaning it will miss about 10% of people who in fact have HSV-2 infections.  So there are 3 possibilities.  1) Perhaps your partner in fact is infected and his test missed it.  2) Your herpes might be due to HSV-1, perhaps acquired by oral sex.  If your partner has HSV-1, the Biokit HSV-2 test won't show it. 3) You have been infected all along and only now had your first recognized outbreak.  This happens a lot:  40% of people with apparent initial genital herpes in fact have been infected for several months or even years.  There is no good explanation of why this happens.

Acyclovir will not interfere with your diabetes or the medications you take for it.

If your symptoms are lasting a month despite acyclovir, the best bet is that the symptoms are not due to herpes.  You might have more than one problem (for example, yeast infections are common in diabetics and the symptoms can be very similar to herpes).  If your herpes infection was only diagnosed visually, you need to have some lab testing to be sure you in fact have an HSV infection.

Best wishes--   HHH, MD
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by monkeyflower, Apr 10, 2005
Herpes is weird. You can have no symptoms at all (or unrecognizable symptoms) for years, maybe even forever.

As for the medication interfering with your diabetes meds, I assume your doctor knew what you were taking when s/he prescribed the Aclyvoir. Also, if you had it filled at the same pharmacy you get your diabetes meds, the pharmacist would have caught any potential interaction. You can always call the pharmacy or your doctor to be sure, though.

Your symptoms shouldn't last more than a month, even if you weren't taking meds.

Hope you feel better soon!
by wondering why, Apr 13, 2005
Thank you for you help and sorry I'm just getting back to responding.
I am feeling a little better but the huge lump on my right buttocks is still there it is a little smaller but still a little painfull and irratated at times. Is there anything else I can do to make this horrible occurrance less painful?
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