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Do I have STD?

Dear Doctors,

I was hoping if you could help me. Around 19 days ago I had oral BJ with out using a condom, BJ was around for nearly 10 min and I came in the girl mouth I paid £10 pounds = $15 USD. Around 6 days later – I was going to toilet every 2 hours.  

I went to the Clinic to get tested for STD on 13 day.

The 13 day my test results came out fine. But on 14th day I had discharge from my penis. 15th day I had 4 discharge from penis and I was in pain. On 16th day I went back to STD clinic they took a sweep from penis and urine simple) test was for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. They told me I had no Gonorrhea but they found puss in my urine – they called it Non Specific Urethritis)

Regarding my urine every 2 hours my family doctors give me Doxycycline 100MG to take 1 Capsules per day) I took 6 in 6 days the capsules then my discharge happened.

Now I been on Doxycycline 50 MG,  my urine every 2 hours has gone almost – but last night and today I stilling get bit urinating feeling – but it’s getting less.  

The Clinic have given me Doxycycline 50 MG – for 7 days,  I have to take 2 Capsules 2 times a day) In total I have to take 28 capsules.

My question is,  in your point of view do I have STD?
My other question, have you heard of Urine Issue?
My other question – Can you get HIV from BJ?
My last question – I found some spots on side of my hand – my side of my hand has hair – I know it’s nothing but good to ask any way?

Last thing for the last 2 days I had diarrhea I don't think is the medicine i am taking because I was taking  Doxycycline 100 MG for 6 days I did not get diarrhea - I think I eat the wrong food. I am now taking Pepto Bismol and my diarrhea getting less. On Tuesday 17 August  I took Loperamide  and  get ride of 80% of my diarrhea  I am feeling much better now. The reason I am telling you this I wanted you get full picture of my health. Doctors I am still in my early 30s

Thanks for your help.

Look forward from hearing from you soon.

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Avatar m tn
Well you have NGU/NSU which is a non specific infection. So while it was probably from the oral sex it is not a hard and fast STD.

Urinating that often? Yes

HIV is not a risk...for more info on HIV post in the HIV forum

Ask what about your hand? It has nothing to do with a STD.
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