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Do I have crabs
Hey Dr.
I visited a friend of mine and we and intercourse, i wore a condom, so im thinking everything is fine . when i woke up the next morning i felt my scrotum sac move as it was contracting and it feels if something is down there moving around....while haveing intercorse i remember touching her cliteris and then touching my scrotum at the bottom, so i think maybe i have contracted the pubic lice or i am ellergic to the condom. I took a look but didnt see anything, then i took a flash light to see i saw any eggs or somthing, but no. Is it to early for crab like symptoms? plus i checked myself again , i raised up my leg to look under my scrotum, and noticed it was moving as if contracting..whats the problem
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If you had crabs you would have seen them of their eggs so it is safe to say you don't have crabs.  What brought this to your attention was the movement of your testicles within your scrotum.  This is normal and happens from time to time. It is not something to worry about.  I would not b e concerned.  No testing needed.  EWH
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