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Dry Rash, pimple like bumps, itchy. on upper shaft of penis and around ...
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Dry Rash, pimple like bumps, itchy. on upper shaft of penis and around hair.

Well I noticed this after sex with a condom, but I have had sex without one.
1. My sack is kind of dry and kind of irritated, nothing horrible I've seen worse on other days when I known nothing was wrong
2. The upper part of where the shaft is, is pretty irritated and some dry peeling/flaking I can not say its a small amount, seems adnormal.
3.The weird thing is, that the shaft has small almost pimple looking bumps. Around the shaft near where my leg is also has the small pimple looking bumps.
4.The bumps do not seem to go much further then where my pubic hair is.
5.I really can't say that it is a recataction to the condom because I've used these types before with no problems.
6. My latest sexual encounters have been pretty rough sex, at least a little rougher then I'm use to.
7. I have had a sore throat around the same time for the past two weeks.
8. Skin lotion seems to make the itching nearly completely go away.
9. Its been going on for about a week.
10. I'm not sure if there has been spreading or if it started so wide spread close my leg.
11. I've had flea bites before and the pimpley looking bumps almost seem to look like flea bits too.
12. I don't think its fleas or bed bugs or anything of the sort because I have not noticed anything like it, or any other large amounts of bites or anything any where else around my body.
13. There doesn't seem to be anything on my penis it self ( like where I would grab if I masturbated)
14. I do plan on getting STD testing in about 3 months, because I was told 3 months is a good amount of time to wait to get fairly accurate results.
15. If you would like to see  pictures I wouldn't mind arranging it some how, I just wanted to follow the rules of the Forums.
16. It does itch a little from time to time, nothing extream.
17. Please give me any help you can
18. Please provide a website link to any info, pictures would be really nice!
19. Thank you!
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By pass STD testing at this point and see a Dr, this does not sound STD relted.
The STD testing is because my lady and I just want to be sure with each other.
Ok, I would have an exam by a Dr.
Here is an update.....
Hasn't goten any worse, don't seem to itch at all. Dryness seems to have lightened quite a bit. No spreading. I have not been using any lotion or anything on it lately.  
But doesn't seem to have gone away at all (expect for dryness).

I'm just trying to avoid seeing a doctor if I don't need to.
For example....... with common sense and a little looking on the internet you can find out that pearly penile papules is nothing to go see a doctor about....

Maybe I am just having a heat rash, maybe its just Hair follicles? Now wouldn't that be silly to go spending 100 dollars on a doctors visit and missing college class for?

But certainly, if It doesn't go away after a while or if it gets worse.... Well DUH!!! I'll go see a doctor lol

Besides its finals this whole week and I don't have the time for a doctors visit = (

Ok so good thing I got the STD testing because I came up possitive for.................Chlamydia... Which is easily treated with some antibiotics that have given me. Nothing else I know of has come up possitive.

While I was there I asked if they could look at the rash I have. I'm pretty sure it was only a nurse that looked at it but.... She said the pimple looking bumps were actually just pimples. She said the dryness on the upper part of my shaft was fungal.
She said I should use a Dove soap (bar form) and it should go away on its own after some time.

Now..... of course I didn't leave it at just that and looked up Fungal on penis.
Most of the results had something to do with yeast infections, and just like Chlamydia their could be no symptoms (in men for the yeast infection). Further searching and I found that condoms with nonoxynol-9 can cause a yeast infection. Since I noticed the rash shortly after sex with a condom, this is probably the cause.

I'll try a different soap as suggested, if the fungal doesn't go away after about a week or so, I'll go see a doctor.
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