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Frustrating Problem with no answer...
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Frustrating Problem with no answer...

I am a 33 year old male
In January 2010, I had unprotected sex with a girl, if i recall it felt like a little irritation for 2 weeks..but not enough to really raise my attention..( I realize now that Gon and Clym take 2 weeks for symtoms (symptoms) I have read) then after 2 weeks..i had sex with a condom..but unprotected oral with an ex.  2 days later i had awful burning and urge to urinate, completely unbearable and had to go to the hospital. Doctor took a swab and gave me a shot..prescription for 4 azithromycin and sent me on my way. The next day i had relieve but still slight burning.

The next week i seen my family doctor and told him what happened, i told him i didnt have relief yet..and he prescribed me doxycycline for 2 weeks. I contacted both girls and neither claimed to have postive test results. My test result came back positive for clymedia ( if false possitives arent that common? I am unsure at this point)
I did not have sex with the first girl again, however i did have sex with the ex...protected and unprotected oral. Same problem..not not as strong. ( at this point i blamed lubricated condoms? or i gave her something orally) I continued on doxyclcline and also went on flagyl, more azithro. Tons of drugs on the course of the year and always would get this problem after having sex with her orally and even non orally eventually. I believe she insisted it was an excuse to leave her...alone. Eventually i blamed her and left her alone by fall. There were 2 incidents with her..that i had very slight symtoms (symptoms). I also noticed that the more i had sex with her...the worse it got.  

Still no relief but i see a patern that after having sex with her..and sometimes stronger symtoms (symptoms) than sinus's would mouth would be frothy in the morning and it would burn when i urinated and very frequent urination that lasts and fades for up to 2 weeks. With or without antibiotics I had learned eventually, I thought doxycycline was giving me relief but maybe the frequent urinating is just an illusion to relief...i am unsure of everything at this point. Another consistant symtom is thick ejactulation and low sex drive untill eventually after 2 weeks my ejaculation starts becoming watery again..and my sex drive goes back up.

Note that i have had several tests for urine tests, clym, gona, swabs...all negative...except for the first one..also took them in the early morning to prevent bad results...apox 5 various times during the year.

So i eventually had sex with a different woman, a friend..someone i can trust, it was drunk and i had not had symtoms (symptoms) for 3 weeks and had taken medications and stopped. I assuming the ex was the cause. I had no problems the first time...however...the second time with this woman i had problems again...possible coincidence? or did i pass her something?  She went to the doctor and got all tests she could....with her family doctor who she is close with....her doctor advised her she was fine and had nothing. I trust this opinion unlike the other 2 before.

I never had sex with this woman again...fear of problems..I later had sex beginning of this year with a younger girl of 19, no problems, no oral sex.. condom used... didnt notice problems....had sex second time with no oral sex....never really noticed any problems maybe a slight irritation, unsure if it was normal, i have forgotten what normal is now.

Note that most of these girls have had sex with one or more guys after..and i have not heard anything about problems or have i been asked or consulted about anything.

I finally got an apointment to a urolgist, he imediatly told me that he sees this problem all the time, that its just pretty much in my mind , appologized that he wasnt being rude and that if it eased my mind i could get a tube down my uretha with a camera and view for any problems...this i have not done yet, nor do i think it will solve anything. He also said it cannot be my anatomy if i masturbate and have no problems..yet have sex with the original girl that is my ex and immediatly have problems. His suggestion was to stay away from her and move on.  I found this useless information i drove 4 hours for. :(

I met a new girl in the last month, has sex with her once with a condom, no problems it oral sex....second time a few days ago......this is the longest i havent had problems...over 1 month almost 2......but this should be noted,,, i had drank alot of alcohol in the last 2 weekends..and drank alot of pepsi...i noticed a very slight burning coming back...but it did not make me urinate or anything of that sort. I had sex with this girl without a condom...and the results were as strong as the original ex...i am now right back to where i started. 24 hour burning....

Im sure i have more to this story, but cannot think of it..but can answer any questions that may target the problem. I also used to urinate in a clear glass and watch the results every day. I noticed that my urine would have a white stringy substance and somewhat cloudy in its centre almost like a cloudy centralized unit with stringy white stuff coming from it..maybe 4 of them. As my symtoms (symptoms) depleted so would this substance ( i had sent in urine with this showing for testing, unsure of what they tested for, i think a basic test, unsure if this would show anything)

I am beyond frustrated at this point....and lost.. do i have clymidia?  is it in my prostate?
Are the symtoms (symptoms) im getting can be something else? Can i relieve symtoms (symptoms) of clymedia on my own? but never fully get rid of it?
Was i miss diagnosed in the beginning? or did i catch 2 different things? one still remaining?

Has all this caused me to develop some type of problem in which i cannot fight off different bacteria of other peoples throats or womens vaginal fluids?

Id like to know how i can actually test what this is?

Thank you for your time and expertise, i am willing to follow up and continue this thread untill a problem is found as i do not believe im alone in this suffering. And im certianly not making it up... the symtoms (symptoms) are extremely strong. And not stress related at all as you can clearly see.

Thank you for you help

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Id also like to note that the urolgist checked my prostate and said it was normal, note i was not having symtoms (symptoms) at this time either.

Also not that my urine test all came back normal as well

None of the females have had symtoms (symptoms)..that im aware of....
This i did forget to say , my original ex had had alot of sore throats and seems to be tonsilitis of some sort..been to the doctor multiple times. Im unsure if she had this before sex with me in 2010 or thinking it had nothing to do with this last girl caused me the exact same problems.

The young girl caused me the least problems at 19 years old, compared to the 25 + years old girls...i dont know if the female body produces different bacteria or fluid make up at an older age than younger..or this is just a coincidence.
is this std related? not likely.  

google chronic pelvic pain syndrome or look for one of the multiple posts on it that HHH has posted on it.

This started happening immediatly after the first incident... and happens at every incident of sexual contact? STD? not sure...related to sexual contact...definitly.
I will research this condition and get on my thoughts, i would like to know how it can relate to my issues? What is happening in the incidents i described that is bringing this on? How is sexual contact causing this? is there a bacteria going up my uretha to my prostate during sex with only certain females ph balance?  Did medications cause this? as i didnt have it before? Was the clymadia from the first girl or the ex?  and what did the ex cause from oral sex that sent me into this situation that keeps happening?  Did the clymedia cause problems? then opened up a door for simple infections to take over? and make their way to my prostate?

Thanks for the replies

Id also like to know how i could test and if the scopic camera tube examination will show me this problems answer?
I have read alot of HHH posts with cronic (chronic) pelvic already well educated in this as i have been researching for over a year, i have researched stds for 10 years...i just didnt know that it was a new term for prostate problems. Which i agree it could very well be a prostate problem...definitly has a part in it..

However most responses i see are that these people are mentally causing this... I can prove 150% that is not the cause by any means in my case..and possibly not in some of theirs.

I can masturbate till i flop,,, no problems...i have had sex that problems have been less, the problem 100% is related to having will go away a while after sex... my sinus's also flare up...that is consistant.. the worst is the first 3 days later..then takes about 3 weeks to get back to normal. If i use a condom..symtoms (symptoms) are less severe...if i recieve oral sex...there is possibility but not always...that it will appear.  The only way to figure out what this to juggle information back and forth. Between patient and doctor..

I believe that somehow bacteria from sexual contact is going up my uretha and causing my body to go out of control in fighting it....the female vagina in no doubt has bacteria and not all friendly. Same with the mouth..

Could bacteria being exposed to my body causing some sort of over load of friendly bacteria or candida in my own body and causing my symptoms? Or should i say ..has it ever been heard of?

Remember i can masturbate without problems
Sex with females causes extreme symtoms (symptoms), these are not little symtoms (symptoms) ..its full blown misery
Its not a particular girl, cause it happened with a different girl, it also didnt happen with one
Its not a physical damage or wild sex thing..because there was no rough play in any case
My semen is very thick after, and urination is difficult and frequent
Last time i had urges to pass stool, when i didnt have to..and if i did it was very small
My stomach has hurt on certain ocassions

I in no doubt think its a prostate problem involved, the question is what is causing it, and how did it start. And what can be done to cure it?  I can eat a super diet filled in pro biotics, saw palmetto and plenty of water, yes that helps..but ive went 1 month this way and then had sex..and booom it came back.  

Something is definitly out of balance in my body when in contact with foreign bacteria through my uretha...
if your urologists are stumped, not really anything we can add unfortunately to what you already know.  

My urlogist did nothing but check my prostate and assume there was nothing wrong..and he only check by hand. He didn't do anything..and it takes a very long time to get an appointment.. if he had actually made an effort i wouldnt post on this board. Mind you I will try to see another. But either here or questions will be the same.

As i say i dont expect a diagnosis here, but some advice in the right direction..of what i could test for with my family doctor may track down this problem, and it may help others with the same problem.

Can bacteria enter my uretha and make its way to my prostate in less than a day?
Can ones body over react to foreign bacteria and cause these symptoms?

are these questions not answerable? or unknown?
we do only test for prostatitis with a manual exam of the prostate - we don't do blood work for that.

only thing I can suggest is to only have protected sex and protected oral sex. to me it's like a gal who gets uti's really easily or vaginitis easily, you either avoid certain things or only do them protected.   if you know that normal mouth and vaginal flora can be an issue for you, keep from being exposed to it. make sense?

certainly go for a 2nd opinion too if you don't feel the urologist was thorough enough.

In agreement with you and grace, "the female vagina in no doubt has bacteria and not all friendly. Same with the mouth.."  from your initial post sounds like your probably had UTI/NGU because of your symptoms "awful burning ....completely unbearable".

Then were treated for it.   You are probably prone to UTI infection most easily than others.  I would abstain from sex for a while until you are fully recovered.   Stay away from spicy foods, and sugarly fluids and foods.   Drink cranberrry juice or read up on things to acidify the urine.  

I don't think you have a prostate problem at 33.   You should go back and check it at 40 - 45.

Best of luck with all this.  

I believe you may be right about the UTI thing..but also my semen gets really chunky and thick? I assume UTI cant cause this..or maybe a combo of both happening?

I understand the condom thing..but i would like to have a normal life someday?
This all started AFTER i went to the hospital and had discharge and a positive Clymedia test..which has been negative ever since. Maybe if i change diet and use condoms for a year..and then try..maybe my body will rebalance itself.. maybe the initial infection and medication both caused some balance in friendly bacteria in my body? And it over attacks?

Thanks for your input, i know there are people after clymedia with the same problems....i will follow up on this post.

You may not have read that i originally had Clymedia positive result, and am unsure of anything besides prostate problems that can cause thick chunky discoloured semen, erection problems...besides this unless a UTI does things im unaware of?

I agree with your diet recommendation , i have seen the results of switching...especially dark cola like pepsi...but certainly the sexual exposure is the 20x factor of it all. Even with condoms i have problems, maybe the chemicals in the lubrication?

Your comments are appreciated and support some of my own hoping that at somepoint someone with the same problem will find this post as well.

some folks have good luck with the low oxalate diet too for urinary issues.

I haven't done any probiotic reading for males for urinary issues to recommend something to try to keep your urogenital track healthier.  Not sure if there is even any product like that out there. There are a few for us gals but I don't think it's the same bacteria that protects you fellows.  might be worth some additional reading to see if you come up with something.

Bro any updates in you condition?
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