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Hi Doctors!

I am very happy to have found your site. It is really of big help to me in cases like this.

I think I have symptoms of Gonorrhea, not sure if its Oral or Penile but most likely its Penile, since there is a presence of a white-yellowish discharge. I have no chance of being tested since most clinics are closed for the holidays and the major hospitals in my neighborhood need a doctor's request to administer specific tests for STD. I need to wait until after New year's to get tested.

Anyway, here's my scenario:

I am a partnered gay male, my partner and I have been together for 4 years now. And he is the only sexual partner Ive had until most recently, about 12 days ago, I had unprotected oral sex with a guy I met at a bar. At the time, he didnt have any genital discharge from the time we did it. We performed oral sex on each other, but most of the time, I was the one receiving oral sex. I did try to penetrate him twice (both unsuccessful and unprotected). But I did put my finger inside to stimulate him. We didnt ejaculate on each other's mouth nor ***. I have been STD free all my life and supposedly, he claimed to be clean as well. Admittedly, I do not know the person very well but he reassured me that he did not have any diseases.

After that incident (which I truly regret), Ive been having regular unprotected sex, both oral (I give him head, he never gives me head) and anal with my partner for the past few days. Our last was Thursday, I only gave him head (Oral Sex- I am the insertive partner in the partnership).

The day after I gave him head, I had sore throat and somewhat loss of voice. I have a case of Sinusitis and Stuffy nose during this time as well. But as of writing, the throat has cleared and my voice is back.

It was only yesterday that I started feeling the symptoms: Penile Discharge, Slight/Mild Discomfort when urinating, frequent urge to urinate. My friend who is also a doctor advised me to observe it for the next three days. To see if the symptoms worsen. I started taking Azithromycin 500mg orally as advised by him for 3 days for observation.

At this point, my anxiety has reached a point of paranoia that its almost impossible for me to perform my daily tasks.

I hope you dont mind if I have questions I wish to be addressed while waiting to get tested:

1. What are the chances of it being Gonorrhea? And what's the likelihood of it being a NGU or NSU? And why do men have NGU/NSU? P.S. I cant rule out Gonorrhea until Ive been tested but my doctor friend is positive that it might be Non-Gonoccocal Urethritis.

2. If I do have Gonorrhea in the penis area where I've been sucked (it's been 2 weeks since), does it follow that I have oral gonorrhea as well? What are the chances of having oral gonorrhea? Can a person have gonorrhea at two places at the same time?

3. Is there any chance that my Urethritis was acquired Non-Sexually? What is the difference of Non-Gonoccocal Urethritis and Gonorrhea? And what modes of transmission are they different? I have this habit of holding of my urine for a long time until my bladder is full and ready to explode.

4. About Oral Gonorrhea, what are the chances of my partner getting it if I have it? I had the anonymous sex about 2 weeks ago, if I had oral gonorrhea, should the symptoms appear earlier? And Ive read in one the forums here that Pharyngeal Gonorrhea is unlikely to be transmitted to partners through oral sex? Is that right? How long am I contagious if I have Pharyngeal Gonorrhea? And does exposure always mean an infection? He has a better lifestyle than I do.

5. Also, I asked the guy whom I had anonymous sex with yesterday when I started feeling the symptoms, he doesn't have the same symptoms as I do. He said he doesnt have a discharge, nor pain while urinating etc. Its been 2 weeks, if he was the carrier of the virus, shouldn't he have been manifesting the symptoms early on?

6. How does Gonorrhoea transmission really work? Suffice to say that the guy I had anonymous sex with had gonorrhea of the mouth and not the penis, could he have passed it on to me to my penis by giving me oral sex or could he have given me an infection of the urethra other than Gono, say like, Chlamydia?

7. How about transmission of the bacteria from his *** to my penis since there was an attempt at anal penetration? I am leaning towards a rectal-penis transmission since until now he still doesnt have a discharge in his penis. Should this be the case, am I also prone to oral gonorrhea?

8. In the unlikely event that I did get an STD in my mouth, would it be contagious to my male partner?

9. While these forums have helped to relieve me of my anxiety, the internet does not help at all. Why do so many sources claim that oral sex can be a "high risk" activity?  

My Main Concern is this: What are the chances that I may have passed on gonorrhea to my partner of 4 years even if we've only had oral sex? You see, we've done it regularly after that one incident where I slipped, both oral and anal and he seems to be fine. Are there instances where being exposed to an infection don't always lead to acquiring it? Also, is there a chance that a non-sexually transmitted urethritis be passed on? If my partner doesn't show symptoms of Gono or Chlamydia, is it safe to say that he didn't acquire it? How fast should the symptoms appear on him, if he did contract it from me while giving him oral sex?

I am praying that I do not have gonorrhea and just a normal non-sexually acquired infection of the urethra, but the symptoms show otherwise. I do not wish to tell my partner about this until I have gotten tested and treated. I do not want to ruin our relationship. Can you suggest another way around this without having to tell him and having him tested?

I know that I have a lot of questions but these questions have been running on my mind for the longest time now and I feel that if I dont talk to anyone about this, I'll go crazy anytime soon.

I hope that you will take the time to answer my questions and analyze my situation like you do with other members of this forum. This forum has really helped me channel my anxiety and I hope that your answers will shed some more light to my anxiety.

Thank you very much.

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