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Dear Doctors

I have already posted some questions to you and you reassured me with your competence and caring.

What I have done in the last years (and very much reduced it now) is handjobs at massage parlours and protected oral sex with CSW,  licking their breast as well. As said you have already reassured me , but still I have a doubt in my head.

I am focusing on the possible presence of semen of previous client on the masseuse hand in the first case , and on the CSW breast in the second case. I recognize it is not a likely thing that a person stays with semen on hand or breast without washing, but still traces could  be there, and what if they came in contact with the mucosa of my penis head, or in the second case , with my tongue and mouth, thus transmitting hepatitis B ?

it is typically said that hep B is more resistent in ambient than HIV , so I am scared that traces of secretions could still contain possible hep b  virus, so that  these contact above listed could put me in danger , and especially, put in danger my wife . You said I should not worry about it , but still in my mind the idea that a resistent virus like hep b could be there and be transmitted, looks like a possibility.  

I would just like to have your valuable assessment and explanation , thanks in advance for your help.

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I'm sorry you continue to suffer from anxieties about STDs despite the low risk nature of your sexual exposures.

Neither hepatitis B nor any other STDs are transmitted by the indirect contact you describe -- i.e. by contact with another massage customer's semen.  The scant amounts of virus that might be present would not be enough to transmit the infection.  However, if you remain concerned about hepatitis B, you could be immunized against it.  Speak with your personal doctor or clinic about it.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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