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HPV questions - please help
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HPV questions - please help

In October, I went to a strip club and received 3-4 lap dances from the same dancer. I was wearing jeans and underwear and she was wearing a thong. One of the lap dances lasted for about 20 minutes. She grinded on me very hard for some of that time. Nothing else happened besides me sucking on her nipples.
In December, I became worried because of a red area on the shaft of my penis.  I went to the doctor and he did not see anything. I went to another doctor 2 weeks later and he did not see anything. My GF went for her gyno check-up. I have always known that she contracted HSV from her ex but that was many years ago. She also told me that she had what the doctors thought were warts removed many, many years ago. The doctor removed a spot and sent it off. It came back as a precancerous condyloma (sp). Her doctor said she probably got it from her ex several years ago and stress likely caused it to pop back up.
I went back to the same doctor and he looked again at the areas I was concerned about and said it looked normal.

1.What are the chances that I got this through a clothed lap dance?

2.Is there an at-home test I could administer to myself to check for warts? I still have a red area with small dots but the doctor does not think they are warts, just normal skin changes.

3.Her gyno did not tell her the type of warts. Are all warts potentially precancerous? Is it possible she has type 6 or 11 even though it was determined to be precancerous?

4. If she and I have the same type of warts and I have visible ones or she does, can we spread them to other areas of our genital by having unprotected sex?
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Welcome to the STD forum.  You have already had accurate replies to these questions on the HPV community forum.

You are more concerned about genital HPV than you should be.  Getting genital HPV is a normal and unavoidable consequence of human sexuality.  You can assume you are infected, or have been, with the HPV causing your partner's pre-cancerous genital lesion.  You may have even been the source of her infection, although definintely not from the lab dance.  You'll never know for sure.  In fact, CDC recommends that partners of persons with HPV not even get examined unless they notice warts or other abnormalities of the genitals.  To your questions:

1) No way.  You can't get HPV through clothing.

2) There is no test for HPV in men, either at-home or any other kind.

3) The vast majority of warts are not precancerous.  If her lesion really was precancerous, most it is caused by a type other than HPV-6 or -11.  This is something her doctor can answer better than I can.

4) Local spread likely has already happened.  When a wart is present, usually there are several other infected areas around the genitals -- not necessarily because of sex, just natural spread.  But visible warts usually don't pop up in additional areas, at least not after the first couple of months. It's a good idea to avoid scratching the genital area, which might spread visible warts around.  But it doesn't happen often and isn't worth a lot of worry.

At this point, there is no reason not to continue unprotected sex with your partner.  Undoubtedly you are already sharing her HPV infection, either because you caught it from her or she caught it from you.  Either way, you can expect it to go away, if it hasn't already.

Here are some other threads that discuss various aspects of HPV.  You should find them reassuring.  You can find hundreds of others through the search button.

Regards--  HHH, MD
Thank you for the reply.

Just a couple of follow-up questions. If I do have warts, and I am sure I do at this point, isn't unlikely that hers are not the bad strains? The precancerous report scared us both. I have read that visible warts usually do not lead to cancer. Is that true?

Also, if we both have them, should we use some protection for oral? What about anal?

Last one, my spots have changed somewhat but not gotten any larger. I think I have a few small warts that are less obvious when I am erect. Should I seek treatment or wait and see if these resolve on their own? I noticed the changes first in December.

Thanks so much!
If you believe you have warts, see a health care provider to confirm the diagnosis and get treatment.

If you and your partner are infected with the same HPV strain(s), you cannot pass them back and forth.  Oral warts are rare; if and when HPV infects the mouth, usually there are no symptoms and the infection goes away.  It is true that the wart-causing HPV strains rarely cause cancer, and the cancer-causing ones rarely cause warts.  Many abnormal paps are due to low risk (wart-causing) HPV infection.

Please ask any remaining questions of the doc or clinic who you see about this.
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