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Herpes, HPV or any other STD risk?
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Herpes, HPV or any other STD risk?

Dear Doc(s),

5 days ago, I had a sexual encounter which includes very brief (less than 1-2 mins) unprotected oral - just to make me erect-, protected vaginal (condom was intact and I also checked it after use with water if it's leaking and it was not) and afterwards handjob with lubricating gel - which was a little bit rough.
This sex worker had her Occupational Health Card 2 months ago and she told me that I'm the first outcall customer she has, but these words are not too much trustful always, right?
I have been tested 2 weeks age for STDs like Syphillis (syphilis), HIV and I was negative and also VDRL resultd neg.

I am aware that I'm not in a risk of HIV and Syphilis but I'm really worried about HSV.

Since 3 days I have a slight friction burn/irritation on the right lip of my urethra opening and it looks like there are friction burns. not a real red bumps or whatsoever which I saw on the net as Herpes lesions... But I am not an expert of course...

Should I get worried or get tested especially for Herpes or any other STDs?
No painful urination but this urethra side burns after urination only for 3 secs... Sometimes It goes, sometimes it comes - I mean the pain, which is may be negligible but I look to my penis since that day too much and examine.
I have also back pain since 2 days, but I'm sleeping more than 9 hourse since 3 days which may be the problem, I don't know.

What are your opinions docs? What should I do?
I made a mistake and I don't want to give something to my beloved one.
I hope I told everything clearly.

Thanks for your help.
Welcome to the Forum.  I have reviewed your numerous posts on other MedHelp sites over that past few days. It’s clear that you are worried but I see no objective reasons to be so and agree with the advice given to you at our other sites.   Your only meaningful exposure (and that was not particularly worrisome was your very brief receipt of oral sex.  I note that you are particularly concerned about herpes from this event and your risk of infection from this event is statistically less than 1 in 10,000- not something to worry about.  Further, the irritation you noted soon after your encounter occurred too soon to be any STD, including herpes.  I suspect it is simply related to the friction of your exposure, perhaps worsened by repeated self-examination.  If you wish you could have a doctor take a look without concern that it is an STD.  

Your back pain and other symptoms do not suggest STD either.  

I urge you to put your worries aside.  EWH  
Thank you for your reply, Doc.

The irritation is 90% diminished but I think it's most likely because of friction. But today I noticed a single needlehead sized single bump which was painless on the left side of my penis. I can't see in detail because it;s really small if it looks like cauliflower or not... I thought that it was a pimple and squeezed it but it didn;t go away, right now it hurts. No itching whatsoever.

Can this be a wart? Only one and tiny?
No, a wart would not appear in five days.  I don't know how to say it other than to repeat myself from above -"I urge you to put your worries aside."  EWH  
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