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Herpes Simplex IGM- Positive But IGG Negetive for Both Type 1 and
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Herpes Simplex IGM- Positive But IGG Negetive for Both Type 1 and

Here were By Blood test Results.  Dated 08 May 09
Herpes SImplex Virus 1 IGG is 0.45 which is Negative,
Herpes SImplex Virus 2 IGG is 0.17 which is Negative,
Herpes Simplex IGM is 1.46 Which Came Positive.  But didnt Show which one.

My Doctors Says It a Recent Infection,  And Ask me To Get Tested agian for IGG in 4 weeks.

But Last time I had intercourse was on Feb 16 2009. I was in One year Relationship at that Time. After that Until Today I am not Involved in Intercourse or any Physical Contact. We Exchanged Blood In Feb 08. She was Negative for Every Thing. IGG and IGM and So As I.

And  Started My Psoriasis  Treatment i.e   Embrel  Shots.

What does it Mean?

If didnt Have Any sexual and Physical Contact With Any kind from Last 12 Weeks, How Can I get IGM Postive?

DO I Have Herpes? or Am I in In the Path of Getting it?

Is IGM- I.46? Higher? Can it be Lowered? or Cured?

DO I Need to ask My Physician for Antibiotics Right away? WHat do I need to do?

I am So Stressed With My results...

Please Advice. Thanks.
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Welcome to the STD forum.

The HSV IgM test is useless and the result can and should be totally disregarded.  Many doctors are not aware of this, but it's true.  Almost certainly our positive IgM result is false; you do not have HSV of either type.

The problems with IgM testing for HSV antibody have been discussed previously on this forum.  Here is one thread that explains it in some detail:
You can use this forum's search link to find many others; enter such terms as "HSV antibody", "herpes diagnosis", and "IgM".

Bottom line:  You don't have genital hepres and are not infected with either HSV-1 or HSV-2.  Consider printing out the thread cited above and showing it (diplomatically) to your doctor.  If s/he wants more evidence, suggest s/he search the medical literature for research papers by Dr. Rhoda Morrow of the University of Washington.

So the news is good. Congratulations!

Regards--  HHH, MD

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Respected Sir,
I am So nervous and  Cant Concentrate on any thing becoz of These Results. This is Second Time I am Using This Service of  Posting question Here. I Did not Get a Reply Last time.

Kindly Reply  To My Post.
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I don't know what you mean by a previous question.  This is the only one that had been received by any MedHelp forum -- unless you are using two different usernames, which is against MedHelp rules.
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Doc Appreciate the Reply,
Every time Before I get In a Relationship, I  Exchange Blood Work for STD's before We Do The Unproctected Vaginal Sex.

Do I need to Get Tested Again For Herpes IGG for Type 1 and 2  for More Clarification as My Physician Suggests?

Probability If Use the Blood That I know, My Future Patner May Not Understand/ Interpret the Results Correctly.

And .
I posted The Same Question in "Terri Warren, RN, Adult Nurse Practitioner - STI/STD"
Using Same username.


Please Advice.

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Although routine STD testing before a new relationship is a good idea, usually herpes testing is not done every time someone changes partners unless one or the other partner has a specific reason to suspect it, such as symptoms of genital herpes or a previous partnership with someone known to be infected.  I suggest you not get tested again for HSV unless one of two things happens:  you have a regular relationship (not just one time sex) with a partner known to have genital herpes; or you develop symptoms that suggest genital herpes.  But if you do have future HSV blood tests, tell your provider that you do not want IgM testing, only IgG.

It is no surprise that Ms. Warren's response to your question was the same as mine.

That ends this thread.  Stay safe.
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Hi Doc,
I went to My Skin Doctor Today, She is Also Specializes IN STD's . I Showed Her My Blood Test Results. She Says Positive IGM is " RECENT INFECTION"  and She Wants me get Tested Agian for IGG.
                      Like you Said Before I explained Her Your reply to ignore IGM Blood Work, She Says Not Ignore them and Says " IGM means Recent Infection" and  IGM are Anti bodies That are Made First and Them IGG shows UP".

KIndly Reply
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But if you correctly understood your doctor, she is wrong.  If you read the link I provided in my initial response, you would understand why.  Please read it now and consider printing it out and diplomatically discussing it with your doctor.  If she wants still more information, tell her she can search the medical literature for published work by Dr. Rhoda Morrow, the world's top expert in HSV serological testing.  I stand by by original conclusion and advice.

Beyond that comment, I will not be drawn into a continuing patient-mediated debate between me and the patients' health care proividers.  It's now up to you and your doctor.  But I would be happy to stack my knowledge of these issues against your hers.

Trust me:  your blood tests show you do not have HSV-2.
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Hi Doc,
Good Afternoon,
I Really Appreciate the advice and information from before .It seems lots of Doctors are not aware of the IGG test irregularities.

I am not here to Start a debate with you.  I here to Express my concerns and Receive your Valuable Advice from you.

But my recent redone blood work started my concern.

As of  i.e 06 jun 09.

Herpes SImplex Virus 1 IGG is 0.53 which is Negative,
Herpes SImplex Virus 2 IGG is 0.21which is Negative,
Herpes Simplex IGM is 1.34 Which Came Positive.  

As you see the Start of This thread.
By Blood work from Dated 08 May 09.
Herpes SImplex Virus 1 IGG is 0.45 which is Negative,
Herpes SImplex Virus 2 IGG is 0.17 which is Negative,
Herpes Simplex IGM is 1.46 Which Came Positive.  

As you See The IGM went down from 1.46------------> 1.34
Herpes SImplex Virus 1 IGG increased 0.45----------->0.53
Herpes SImplex Virus 2 IGG increased 0.17 ----------->0.21

I didnt Have any Kinda  Physical/sexual Contact after 16 Feb 2009. Few kisses on Lips on Dates. Not no Tongue contact. And i Dont any out breaks.

1) I my IGG virus levels are increasig Gradually. What does it Mean?
Am i in Verge/Path  Have HSV-1 or HSV-2
I read the Previous link that you send me.

"In theory, the body produces immunoglobulin M (IgM) antibodies first , to a variety of infections and immunoglobuin G (IgG) antibodies later.  Over time, IgM antibodies tend to stop being produced entirely.  Therefore, a test for IgM antibody to any particular infection may be positive before a test that detects IgG antibodies"

2) is the Theory working in my Case?

3) do i need to get tested I again? If so when should i?

4)Do they increase or Multiply by them self  with out exposure of Herpes Virus?

I am freaked out and stressed with my Herpes Blood Work Patterns.

Kindly Advice.
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1) When the HSV-2 ELISA ratio is under the negative cut-off (under 0.91), there is no meaning to variable levels below that level.  The test doesn't work that way.  Every value below 0.91 is absolutely negatitve and the results on repeat tests naturally vary in the way your have done.

2) You are quoting only part of my response in the other thread.  The rest of it goes on to reply that it doesn't work this way with herpes.

3) You do not have herpes and should not have any more tests.

4) I don't understnad what this means, but I believe it is covered by no. 1.

You came to this forum for reassurance.  I gave it.  You do not have HSV-2.  You can accept the reassurance or not, but don't argue with it.  Believe whatever you want.  That's all for this thread.  I will delete any further comments without reply.
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