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Hiv from unprotected oral...PLEASE help!!
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Hiv from unprotected oral...PLEASE help!!

I desperatley need some help.

I'm a male and recieved unprotected oral (for about a minute maybe two and without ejaculation) from a 21 yr female that I work with on 3-1-11. I asked her status and she says that she doesnt have anything. Their was also kissing and me fingering her in anus and vagina with my thumb. If it makes a difference, I used to masterbate without lube( I'm sure that doesnt help me but Ive never bleed from it).

2 days after incident I got a dull ache in my testicle and groin area.  I got worried for stds so I had dr run blood tests.  Hiv came back negative at 1 week but came back positive for hsv1 (I have never had a herpes outbreak ever).  Dr gave me famvir for a week and it really hasnt change anything.  All my symptoms lead to hiv!

I had a uni gold test at 3 weeks and it was negative

I've had the following symptoms over the last 5 and half weeks:

pain in groin/testicle area(starting 2 days after)
muscle soreness
possible swollen lymph nodes (i'm a big guy and cant really feel if theyre swollen) but I have had pain in groin, left underarm, jaw and neck)
sore throat (dr's say its strep but I have got it twice back to back and it has really not gone away in like almost 3 weeks( starting about week 4 after incident and hasnt been cured with augmentin or amoxilcilin)
pain in face (all around eyes and behind eyes at times)
lower abdomen and lower back pains
tingling in hands and feet

I'm most currently scared of my constent sore throat being that its ongoing and in the ARS timeframe of 3 weeks or so(it doesnt really hurt enough for sore throat spray but it makes it a little hard to swallow and I'm not hacking any kind of phlem)

Please help with this worst case scenerio question:

If I already had hsv1 before incident and she is newly hiv positive(most infectious time) what are my chances of getting hiv from oral for a minute without ejaculation?

Getting my 6 week test in 5 days

Please advise
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Unfortunately, you have selected the wrong forum; see the prominent message at the top of the forum home page and the "Disclaimer - Please Read" notice.

Two of the most common points made repeated in the HIV prevention forum is that HIV is rarely if ever transmitted by oral sex; and that symptoms are never useful clues about the possibility of a new HIV infection.  In any case, your symptoms do not sound like those of a new HIV infection, despite what you think you might have learned on line.  And even though your Unigold test was done early, the negative result offers additional reassurance you were not infected.

Bottom line:  there is no chance you have HIV, but if you remain concerned, have another HIV test when 6-8 weeks have gone by; or a duo test (for both HIV antibody and p24 antigen) at any time.  If you need more detail than this, you'll have to re-post your question on the HIV forum, and there will be no discussion on this one.  But before you spend another posting fee, please spend some time reading that forum and using the search link to find detailed discussions in response to the identical questions you ask.

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Sorry I forgot to state that the symptoms I've had over the last 5 and a half weeks have been overlapping. Some together some not, it's all been off and on for 5 and a half weeks.  

the anxiety has killed me over the last couple weeks, I haven't slept right since.
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I saw this before I replied above.  I have nothing more to say, except get real, mellow out, believe the science, and stop worrying about this.
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