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How long does it take till the symptoms slowly disappear?
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How long does it take till the symptoms slowly disappear?

First of all, this is a long story, so bear with me. I will write a throughout story of my gonorrhea in case some people want to use my story as reference.

Date: about  June 13 nor 15, 2009
After mt boyfriend fingered me, i started feeling a weird sensation from my urinate. I ignored the symptoms thought that it will go away. Unfortunately, the symptoms became more severed; such as more occasional urge to urinate, and irritation during urinate.  I went to the doctor, and he gave me 7 days of antibiotic for UTI. At first, i thought that is the end of my painful lower body infection. It turned out the antibiotic cured most of the UTI, but i could feel an uncomfortable sensation down there - i couldn't identify the exact location of my irritation at that time; that's why i label "down there". I repeatedly visited (four times) my doctor, demanded to give me a vaginal examination, because i assumed i have a vagina infection. He ignored my request and kicked me out of his office. I decided to go to a different clinic for a serious check up.

June 15, 2009 - got infected
June 19, 2009 -

Date: July 22, 2009
I went to another clinic for a vaginal examination. My doctor could not find any bacteria or yeast in my vagina. - yeah, that might be a good thing. However, i could still feel the uncomfortable sensations. here is the following list of my symptoms;
1. itch
2. uncomfortable urination
3. smelly and yellowish discharged
4. minor pain in the internal vagina.
p.s. i used yeast infection cream after my doctor couldn't find anything because it eases my pain a lot.

Date: July 31,2009
I received a phone call from my doctor telling me that i am diagnosed positive for gonorrhea. - i was so surprised of getting gonorrhea and have no clue  where i got it from. i went to the clinic right away. My gave me "azithromycin oral powder packets".

Date: August 1, 2009  ( third day o my treatment)
Symptoms still exist;

1. yellowish and whitish discharge
2. internal pain and irritation in vagina
3. uncomfortable urination

Supposedly, my symptoms should dramatically decreased, but it has not. I'm afraid the medicine is not affective. according to my research, i might have chlamydia at the same time because they relatively coexisted. I will wait till the seven days of the treatment before revisit my doctor again. If by then, my symptoms have not disappear, i might need to receive a different kind of antibiotics  and get tested for chlamydia.

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You could not have gotten gonorrhea or chlamydia from him fingering you.  If that was the only thing that happened.  You would need to have had some type of prolonged genital to genital contact in which fluids are exchanged.  

To me it sounds like trichomonas (which you don't get from just fingering also I don't think...might need clarification on that)  OR it could be bacterial vaginosis.  Neither are treated with azithromycin.  Both are treated with the same type of antibiotic but different dosage.
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