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How soon do Genital Warts Appear if infected
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How soon do Genital Warts Appear if infected

Recently I had partial unprotected sexual intercourse (used condom part of time) with a person of unknown sexual history. Approximately 1-2 weeks afterwards I noticed a small pimple sized but firm skin colored bump at the base of my penis where the pubic hair begins. It's possible it was there before but that is when I first noticed it. It is smooth and also a little shiney and not painful. I proceeded to pick at it thinking it was a pimple and it did not pop but did bleed. I had a few questions about this -

1.)Does this sound like a genital wart?
2.)How soon after becoming infected with HPV does someone experience "symptoms" if they are to get a genital wart(s)? Most of the information on the internet says most warts take several weeks to months to show up. If I was infected by this one time sexual encounter wouldn't it be too soon for a wart to show up (1-2 weeks)?
3.)Is it true that the virus usually completely clears itself from a human body 90% percent of the time?

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Welcome to the STD forum.  The quick answer to the question as you posed it in the title is that warts generally appear 3-12 weeks after exposure.  Maybe as soon as 2 weeks, but certainly never earlier than that.

Now, after reading the question itself:  This isn't a wart, at least not one you acquried during the sexual exposure "1-2 weeks" earlier.  The description doesn't sound like a wart either.  Most warts are not smooth (although that can happen) and usually more than one wart is apparent.

This might be a minor anatomic variation of your skin.  Another possibility that comes to mind is molluscum contagiosum.  MC is a minor viral infection that causes shiny pink superficial skin bumps; as they enlarge, often a dimple can be seen in the center.  MC is a trivial condition with no complications and is easily treated.  If you are reasonably certain the bump is new, see a health care provider.

I think those comments cover questions 1 and 2.  It is true that over 90% of genital warts and other HPV infections clear up on their own within a few months.

I hope this helps.  Best wishes--  HHH, MD
i found thid very helpfull :) thanks
I recently had a break-out after 4 months being with the same partner. I had un protected sex prior to him but I am assuming I got it from my now partner due to times.
Is there a chance he is a carrier but never will break out?
Do u think I got it prior or from him?
Is it bad to keep having un protective sex?
I'm embarssed and haven't told him. Somehow he hasn't noticed - don't ask me how. Is it wrong I say nothing? I have been getting treated for 3 months but it seems to be getting worse by not better.
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