Irritated skin, Head of the penis is sore, skin has changed
by frustrated 1, Sep 26, 2005
Here goes... About 5 months ago, I broke up with a girlfriend and went of the deep end a little.  I was drinking a lot, having a lot of get-over-her-sex, and had unprotected sex with one girl, and a condom broke with another, and 2 other "safe" encounters using condoms, within a 9 day period.  I normally use condoms 100% of the time unless I am dating someone exclusively.  
Just before the encounters, I had 4 rounds of antibiotics (one for a face surgery, and 3 more 2 weeks later because I was peeing very frequently, and the planned parenthood doctor, just gave me three antibiotics for chlam, gon, and trich without testing me).  About 2 weeks after the sexual encounters I got some red bumps, and itching in my pubic area and went back to the doctor.  She said folliculitus from the grinding, and told me to wash better and change underwear to loose cotton.  Redness disappeared, but itching and constant moistness, and a general uncomfortable feeling remained.  
A month later after careful washing, I went back to the doctor and told her the new update.  The skin between my scrotum and thigh developed a rash.  It looked like a ringworm, and went away after 9 days of rubbing clotrimazole on it, and using gold bond powder to keep the area dry.  Also, the skin on the head of my penis became ultra sensitive, and started to look wrinkled or shriveled up (the texture of the skin changed).  The doctor said "yeast infection," gave me a diflucan 150mg and sent me on my way.  
Symptoms seemed to let up for 3 days or so, then they were back.  Today, the area between my legs feels like it is irritated, or almost like I am rubbing myself raw when I walk.  My genital area feels moist and uncomfortable a lot, but no pain. The head of my penis is sensitive and sore (especially after sex, or masturbation).  And the skin still has the wrinkly texture to it.
FACTS:  I have been treated for bacteria (but may have been re-exposed due to hazy timeline 5 months ago... I'm doing my best).  Treated for fungus, which seemed to start working, but then back to the symptoms.  I have been visually inspected and said that the red bumps were NOT HERPES (she seemed adament).  I am a 25 year old male sleeps with females, that is usually really responsible except for a few lapses in judgement.  I was a D1 athlete and am in great shape.  I am circumsized, wash with Ivory, and wear 100% cotton boxer briefs.  I had a HIV test in mid August that came back negative.  My urethra does not feel irritated, and it does not burn when I pee.  I got chlamydia a couple of YEARS ago when a girlfriend cheated on me, but was treated accordingly.  That is my only problem, and I get checked about yearly for STD's due to my sexually active lifestyle.  Please Help, because I feel the worry is ruining my life, or at least causing me to lose sleep, and hair.  I hope my attention to detail is enough to spark something in your mind, and Thank You in Advance.
I'm not going to be able to help much.  Your symptoms are not particuarly suggestive of herpes or any other STD, and you have seen an apparently knowledgeable doctor who has told you the same thing.  Continue to follow up with your doctor and direct your questions to her.

Good luck---  HHH, MD
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by frustrated 1, Sep 26, 2005
Let me add that I seem to have had more headaches than usual (usual is not very often), seem to be sleeping a lot more (9-10 hours instead of 7-8), and my back is tense a lot.  Then again, this could all be related to my lifestyle of school and working out about 2 times a week average.  I know this "event" is happening over the summer I seem to be a lot more sensetive to heat, and take cool showers.  Except for strep about every other year, I have not been sick in a decade.  That is probably why this is absolutely driving me mad.  Thanks.
by tomck, Sep 26, 2005
I posted this to another person, but I see you have similar syphtoms. I realised this sypthoms 5 years ago. I went to all the doctors, checked for aids, chlamidya, candida (I thought it was candida) but it was nothing. I made a candida diet for 40 days, with every day diflucan and this was gone). I was shure it was candida and that I got rid of it. But a year ago I got a small bump on my penis and went to doc. It was herpes. Later I felt similar symphtoms as before and nobody of theese doctors conected it to herpres. I started to observe people and realsed that many people have similar sympht. For the few of them I knew they had herpes, and I was shure that's it. also my wife and kid got it ( I saw the sympht. before they had any outbreak. So I'm absolutely shure that you can recognize herpes ba just watching the people. You can even see it on the celebrities on TV. So if you have this things it's herpes. Make a blood test to be sure. Also you could experience that your skin is greasy, some acnes around the nose and on the face and body. Pain in the different parts of body, buttocks, arm, neck , head, tooth, throut.
It's unbelieveble docs don't know about that. They just don't look closely to sick people.
by JohnnyV, Sep 26, 2005

I'm not a doc and don't know anything about most of those symptoms, but I just thought of one detail that might apply.

Like you, I'm athletic. I work out every day, usually running 3-4 miles and doing weights; I've been bodybuilding for about 15 years. You say you're a D1 athlete. One of the things about exercising a lot is that you're constantly straining your body, so there are endless things going on that can seem strange the moment that you're worried about something and therefore paying more attention to your body.

--I've gotten ringworm, athlete's foot and jock itch a million times at the gym. Since I was also at high risk sexually for a long time, I always put 2 and 2 together and got 22; it always seemed I had HIV or herpes or syphilis. It's easy to get fungal infections when you're sweating a lot and you share equipment or towels with other men who are also sweating. That might explain your crotch rash.

--It's natural to have headaches a lot when you're working out, but if you're anxious, you can usually magnify them in your head.

--My thighs often stratch or feel tender when I'm walking, because the muscles are sore from squats or they're irritated from sweating a lot.

--Recently I pulled a groin muscle and thought it was a swollen lymph node. I didn't post anything on this website because I knew the forum regulars would jump on me and tell me to stop obsessing!

--Your back and shoulders, as well as other parts of your body, are usually in a permanent state of soreness from working out, but when you stress about them, you notice them more.

--Generally if you're sweating a lot, you have a higher rate of acne and blocked follicles, etc. Sometimes I don't get to shower after working out, so it gets worse.

--I don't know about the biology of this, but I understand that working out increases your testosterone. I've been struggling with an excessive sex drive and one expert suggested I reduce the amount of muscular weight training and try to lose muscle generally. I'm not sure if that's just silliness, but I am sticking to it because I can't afford another doctor visit right now. But your sex pattern sounds a little like mine. Higher testosterone means you have a strong sex urge; you have more stamina, you have more desire, and your body muscles can sustain a lot more sex acts with a lot longer duration -- but YOUR PENIS CAN'T WITHSTAND ALL THAT! Having sex 3-4 times a day, my urethra goes crazy and gets swollen, I get those friction bumps, and all hell breaks loose. I know that compared to men who don't work out a lot, also, I tend to have more aggressive and rougher intercourse, and I need to have it a lot, resulting in the ingrown penis hairs and broken condoms (you mentioned both).

Again, I don't know about the other symptoms, but these are some things I noticed that might relate to your exercise, which I do have some experience with,

frustrated:  Disregard tomck's suggestion that your symptoms might be due to herpes.  Neither are his.

tomck:  You are not welcome to continue to post non-scientific personal opinions about bizarre symptoms you believe are due to herpes.

by bigmonkeycar, Sep 26, 2005
Hallelujah! Too many ill-informed psychos on this forum, for sure...
by frustrated 1, Sep 26, 2005
Thanks Doc, though your words were few, they were reassuring.  Also thanks to JohnnyV for taking the time to write and share some opinions.  And to Tomck, thanks for the comment, I sure hope you are wrong.  I guess my question now is where to go from here?  What kind of doctor do I see?  Dermatologist?  Urologist?  The Planned parenthood doctors did not seem too familiar with men's issures, and seemed to be guessing.  I want to see a specialist, because this constant irritation has got to go... I think I will get a herpes test just to be sure, or that ugly thought will loom like a dark cloud over my every thought.  I am getting to my tolerence point on stress.  If it is not an std, what inflictions focus on the groin only?  

Doc, I had safe sex with a girl I have been seeing off and on again for 2 years.  The day after, I had a bunch of red spots in my pubic area (looked like dots with a red magic marker) and a day later, they have all but dissapeared.  I am going insane.

Thanks again
So many skin infections can affect the groin; I just can't speculate, except to say that STDs rarely affect the skin of the groin or pubic area.  Based on your symptoms, a dermatologist makes the most sense for further medical advice.  A urologist is least likely to be up to speed in this area.  Some family medicine docs are very good with genital area infections and skin problems, but dermatology probably is the best bet.

Any red spots that come and go so quickly are not due to an infection, but some other sort of skin problem.  Conceivably allergy to lubricant, latext condom, or something else?

Post a comment after you see a dermatologist to tell use what s/he finds and recommends.

by Hammer125, Oct 07, 2005
I had sex with a girl that I have known for a long time that was unprotected.

The first time she was at the end of her period and there was no reaction to the head of my penis. The second time that I had sex with her was about 3 days later and the next day the head of my penis had become irritated, red and very sore and itchy but with no pimples or dots. I contacted her and she said that I had been her first since her last boyfriend which was a long time ago and that it wouldnt be an STD. The next thing that it could be was a yeast infection that was transferred because I am not circumsized, I put some monistat cream and the rash went completely away but my forskin has been especially sore and my penis continues to be somewhat red,but she did not have a yeast infection so I am not sure if that was my problem. Then about 2 weeks after our sexual encounter I got rash on my buttocks which just looks like pimples that are spread out on both of my cheeks.

It is not painful to masterbate but it still stays somewhat red and underneath my foreskin you can see the veins more clearly then ever before.  It is almost constantly itching, have I contracted herpes or is it just some kind of bacterial infection.