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Is it Herpes? It won't stop hurting and has to be an STD...
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Is it Herpes? It won't stop hurting and has to be an STD...


About 11 days ago I had partially unprotected sex.  It was drunken so although we used a condom, at some point it fell off (no fluids exchanged) but there was definately some mouth to hand to genital and rough hand to inside me contact (same hand partner used to masturbate himself).  3 days ago I got some intense localized burning/tingling/numbness (mostly numbness, which struck me as strange) inside my labia min. and my vaginal vestibule seemed to be coated in a whiteish discharge, with a red shiny swelling around the entrance to my urethra.  My vaginal secretions were EVER SO SLIGHTLY watery-er with chunkier bits (however, no foul smell or colour). It doesn't hurt when I pee.  
I went to the walk in clinic and was swabbed for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and a yeast infection.  I asked about herpes and my doctor told me it was too early to tell.  As a precaution, she gave me an antibiotic cocktail and 100mg of apo-fluconazole roughly 36 hours ago.  The tingling has been replaced by more intense general pain (vaginal dryness, slight redness and a bit of tenderness and swelling in the nodes under the skin immediately to either side of my vaginal opening, right side more pronounced and sensitive to the touch).  
It definately began as more of a skin pain (though not that "chaffing" feeling) although today it's starting to hurt more internally on that right node. What are the chances this is a precursor to an initial Genital Herpes outbreak?  How should proceed on getting relief and a diagnosis (trying to get a PAP tomorrow) . If it isn't herpes, what could it be?  My syptoms (symptoms) match herpes more closely than anything else I can find.  I am checking every few hours for a sign of blisters but so far nothing of note except the aforementioned node swelling. My cervix is also extremely sensitive and prone to bleeding (gets cauterized with Silver Nitrate) This leads me to believe I probably had abrasions internally from the rough digital internal play. Please advise!!
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Your exposure really does not sound too high risk, just rather rough.  As far as timing is concerned, when you were seen three days ago (6 or 7 days post exposure, correct?) is just about the perfect time for herpes to appear, if it were going to.  The reason I mention this is not because I think that you have herpes but rather because what you describe really does not sound like herpes.  Rather, to me it sounds far more like a reaction of some sort, perhaps to a chemical or some other irritant.  Alternatively it could be a non-STD bacterial skin infection

For me to try to make a diagnosis over the internet however would be absolutely the wrong thing for me to do.  There really is no substitute to a direct examination by someone who knows what they are looking for.  I endorse your plans to get examined tomorrow. If the clinician does not feel this is herpes, then it is not.  

Bottom line, you need to be examined.  Hope this helps. EWH
Thank you for your input doctor.  I plan on getting a full work up at my Ob-Gyn in a few weeks and see if I can get a PAP at the STD clinic tomorrow but your input has helped eased my fears tremendously.  I really appreciate the work that you do and these forums.

Kindest Regards
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