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Jock Itch, Balanitis, Herpes & Symptoms

Dear Doctors,

Brief summary on previous posts - May 27 and June 30.

Positive test for Chlamydia and questions regarding HSV 2 possible connection with Bells Palsy.

I have some new questions and like to raise new thread:

On around Jun 29th (Friday) I noticed what looked and felt exactly like what I read up on as 'Jock Itch'.  Light rash on both sides of groin and thigh.  Not bad and not nearly as bad as some pictures on some web sites.  Folds in inner thigh had red lines and some patches on thigh.  I applied a steroid cream and did start seeing improvement quite quickly.  I have this before, did the same and it healed very well.

However I started feeling a burning/itchy feeling on Saturday evening on penis glans (glands).  I noticed it appeared very slightly red, closer to the urethra.  No sores/bumps/blisters that I can find anywhere.  Since then I have been feeling an almost constant burning/itching sensation all over my genitals.  Foreskin, penis itself also scrotum and closer to anus and buttocks.

Further to this my urethra also slightly irritated.  Very little burning after urination but definately no discharge.

I read further about HSV 2 and that some of the symptoms are very similar but also for Balanitis.  Both can cause burning and also on the gentials.

As far as HSV2 is concerned I have nothing that looks like pictures on the web, but these pictures are usually worst case scenarios.  Further to this no symptoms are often experienced.

First of all if blisters to form, how long after a feeling of burning/itchy can it happen?
I realise from previous discussion that my exposure of concern unlikely HSV2.  However my second concern is, what if I missed any symptoms before?

Lastly and probably the real question here, based on at what I described above, what are you thoughts on what this could be?

Many thanks again!!!
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Welcome back to our Forum. You may have missed this on our Forum instructions when you joined but we ask clients to post no more than two questions on our Forums in any six month period in order to allow others have a chance to ask their question on the limited number of spaces we have for questions. This is your 3rd in just over a month. Hence, while I will answer and perhaps allow a single, brief follow-up, this cannot be a prolonged or extensive interaction (on occasion in the past, 3rd questions have simply been deleted).

The most likely cause of the rash on your groin was fungal infection or a non-STD dermatitis.  The only way to know is to exam you directly. Self diagnosis is often wrong and I cannot make a diagnosis over the internet without an examination.  I would not worry about STD.  If it should recur, you could ask a doctor to take a look

Regarding the itching of your penis, this is hard to assess as well. First, your comment that there is "slight" redness is worrisome in that the penis, and particularly the head of the penis can be quite variable in coloration.  What you perceive as slight redness may be normal variation in color.  With regard to your itching, there are several possibilities- first and foremost, itching is not a symptom of an STD, including HSV so forget about this (as I've suggested before).  Fungal balanitis can itch as can a variety or dermatologic processes.   In addition, the power of suggestion can cause itching and thus this may simply be a manifestation of your heightened awareness.  itching due to heightened awareness can be quite strong.  

My advice is you feel there are objective abnormalities which a doctor can see is to have a doctor, possibly a dermatologist, take a look. In the meanwhile however, I urge you to stop worrying about STDs, including HSV.  EWH
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Hi Doctor,

Thank you for the response and please accept my apologies as I definately missed this instruction.

I will keep it brief.

Just to confirm you said the redness is worrisome but from the rest of your explanation am I right to say you meant 'not' worrisome.

Finally please your comments on the urethra that is a bit irritated and somewhat red.  (no discharge since chlamydia treatment and urethra was fine following treatment). It is 2 months later and had no sex in this time.

Many thanks!

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Sorry, that was a typo.  I should have written that the redness is NOT worrisome and in fact, I questioned whether it was abnormal at all, as opposed to normal variabiltiy in color.  Same for your urethra, particularly if you have been repeatedly examining yourself which can be traumatic to this rather sensitive, fragile skin. EWH
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