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Low Positive HSV II
I got results back from an HSV 1 & 2 (igg)test last week.  Results came back negative for HSV 1, but positive for HSV 2 (score of 2.4).  I retested a couple days ago at LabCorps through STDtesting.com (herpeselect HSV 1 &2 igg test).  I just received the scores---HSV 1--negative; and HSV 2 (score of 1.47).  Note:  I do not have any symptoms and use condoms regularly.  I asked the doctor via the testing service about false positives--especially if the scores were below 3.5.  I told him I've researched the matter and heard that it was worth retesting.  He was immediately dismissive of "whatever I read" on the internet.  He said my score might fluxuate--but if I've tested positive...I would always be positive---even if I retested.  He was also saying that even though i don't have symptoms--i could probably have them later in life.  He said that people who don't have symptoms have really strong immune systems, meditate, or have acquired strong immune systems from family.  

Anyways--would appreciate your thoughts on how to proceed (or if I should give up).  Also--is it unusual for my score to go from 2.4 to 1.47 within a week?  Is there any signficance to that?

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Welcome to the Forum.  I agree with what you have already hear from the HSV Community site- the values that you have on these two tests are in the range where false positive test results are relatively common with over 50% of such values being found to be falsely positve.  My advice would be to seek a "tie breaker" and to seek testing with a Western blot performed at the University of Washington. Alternatively, testing with a Biokit or Sureview test may be helpful. If you have a Western blot assay which is negative for HSV-2 or "Indeterminate" then your result is falsely positive. Similarly, if the Biokit/Sureview assay is negative, this too suggests that your HerpeSelect tests are falsely positive.  

The fact that your test went result went from 2.4 to 1.47 within  a week does not carry any particular significance.  

I hope my comments are helpful. EWH
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