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Maybe Trich, from self or others
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Maybe Trich, from self or others

In January - I had symptoms of excess vagina discharge, little fishy smell, and it will be painful for me to have sexual intercourse. After seeing a doctor, I was given Flagyl for oral treatment and the doctor inserted a tablet to cure the vagina 'bacteria/infection'. I was fine and everything was back to normal after medication, Before these symptoms, I did have unprotected sex with bf A.

In May recently, I had sexual intercourse with bf B. When we did it with a condom, everything was fine. until once when we did it without a condom, I started having the same symptoms again (excess yellowish vaginal discharge, little bit of fishy smell, and it will be painful for me to have sex, vaginal itch). I just saw a doctor and she did use a cotton bud-like thing to take the sample of bacteria inside my vagina. Doc suspects it may be Trichomoniasis but still pending results from lab.

My question is:
- Would this have been passed to me by bf B?
- Or because I had it in Jan, it could be that I wasn't exactly cured. and that such infection does have its relapse.

I am worried as to why I tend to have it during 'unprotected sex'. because whenever I use a condom, I wont have such symptoms.
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1. It's possible, but will not know until some test results come back.
2. Possible also, unlikely but still possible.

Well either you are with people who have a STD and pass it to you, or you might be alergic (allergic) to something or unprotected sex gives you a yeast infection or BV.

Going to have to work with your Dr a little more on this, pending testing outcome.
you would have to check to see if you were properly tested for bv and trich when you were originally seen. odds are the flagyl you took originally would've cleared up trich too even though it was a different dose.

bv is very common. it usually occurs when the vaginal ph is altered to allow overgrowth of bacteria already there. semen can alter a females ph enough to cause this so it being an issue for you when you have unprotected sex isn't too uncommon .

Hi all,

Thanks for your comments and help. I've got the lab test back and results for trichomoniasis is negative. However, it's positive for 'gram positive bacilli' which my GP said was bacteria.

I did mention that I frequently get throat inflammation and she said i'm also quite a 'heaty' person.

Overall, she said she can't comment whether i've any form of STI, and that i might still get the infections again, so can only try to prevent it from happening by knowing my body well and maintain hygiene.
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