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NGU and oral transmission
I'm a male who's been married for 12 years and never strayed.  Recently I went to Vegas and got unprotected oral from a "professional."  A week later I had one experience where it burned like hell when I peed.  It only happened once and didn't repeat.  I didn't think (rather was too scared to imagine) that it could be something serious.  Better judgment prevailed and 2 days later I got tested and told today I have NGU.  I was given 4 250mg pills of azithromycin to take today and then will follow up with Ciprofloxacin (500mg tabs twice daily) for 7 days.  The concern is that 5 days after getting the unprotected oral from the "pro", I got the same from my wife (we haven't had any other intercourse since)  My question(s) is: could I have given my wife NGU when she gave me oral?  If not NGU, some other form of infection?  How serious could it be?  What are the risks for her at this point?  Coming clean could end the marriage so I'm inclined to hold out revealing all for now.  Any medical insight or experience would be greatly appreciated, thanks...
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Welcome to the Forum.  I'll be pleased to comment.  

The symptoms you describe are atypical for NGU.  Typically the symptoms of NGU are not particularly severe and do not occur as an event but appear and stay for a while.  I wonder if something else was going on, like passing a kidney stone.

Even if this was NGU however, typically NGU resulting from oral sex is the result of the introduction of oral organisms into the urethra.  There is no evidence that NGU from receipt of oral sex is transmissible to sexual partners (no matter whether the exposure is oral or genital) or potentially harmful and many experts argue that this is not the case.  We typically do treat sex partners of men who have NGU of any sort but this is more a matter of convenience and addressed the issue that persons may have had genital exposures that were not reported than because of any knowledge that it is needed.

A further comment on your treatment.  You are being over treated.  A single 1 gram dose of azithromycin is typically sufficient to cure NGU, the ciprofloxacin is not needed.

Your wife's risk from having performed oral sex on you when you may have had NGU (or may not have) is very, very low.  EWH
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