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NSU symptoms persist after treatment. Help!!!!
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NSU symptoms persist after treatment. Help!!!!

Hi i'm from singapore and i visited a freelance PRC CSW 1 month plus ago. I only intended to have a erotic massage that's all.
While having the naked massage we had very close contact, where i was lying on my back and she's lying on me giving me a boobs massage.

And I'm un-circumsized and i was erected at that time and I'm worried there is a chance where her vagina fluid may have contact my penis and foreskin and there were quite AGGRESSIVE(feel abit pain due to friction) rubbing of my penis between her pubic hair area and my body may have touch her vagina can't be sure of that.

After the massage she actually offered sex and i declined thus she offered a handjob instead and i'm aware that there's no risk for handjob therefore i agree to it. So she actually put some oil on me and finish off with a handjob. I believe there may had some oil sip into my urethra.

After this incident i went to DSC(sexual health clinic) at Singapore here and was diagnose with NSU (non-specific urethritis) due to a negative result for gonorrhea and chlamydia. And before the result, treatment of Zithromax 1 gram (1000 mg) 4 tablets taken for one time only was given. After treatment symptoms subsided a bit, and went for follow-up checkup and the nurse test for NSU and result was negative, but symptoms still persist while test was negative..
Till now from checkup its 2 weeks, symptoms seems to come back with 4 bumps (don't look like cauliflower) on the glans (glands) of my penis and pelvic pain. The bumps is there for nearly a month soon and does not subside.

I really need help!!!

Question 1: Is my NSU cause by rubbing at her pubic hair area or from the massage oil? Or something else?

Question 2: Can herpes cause NSU?

Question 3: Can HPV cause those 4 bumps and NSU?

Question 4: What can my bumps be?

Question 5: Since i got negative NSU test, can i still transmit anything to my partner? Symptoms still persist.

Thank you for in advance for answering my question i really need help. =(
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1. Might be oil or something else. Doubt that rubbing would do that.

2. No

3. Not NSU that is a bacterial infection. Bumps can be many things, only a Dr can tell you what they are.

4. See #3

5. Not NSU since you have a negative test. What are your symptoms? The bumps? If so see #3
The symptoms are standard symptoms that are tingling or slight pain here and there on my penis specifically the urethra if my feelings are not wrong i sense its around the inside of urethra.
There are actually 2 test done.

1 is the first one where test for gonorrhea and chlamydia the nurse put a stick into my urethra and took a urine sample to the lab and the doctor say that is a urethritis, but awaiting chlamydia result so said was a NGU. But when result came out he said it was a NSU because it a non-chlamydia infection.

2nd test is after treatment, the doctor say there isn't any infection in the urethra and in the urine sample anymore. But symptoms come back after that 2nd test.

Another question:

1: Can NSU tested negative and come back again without any sexual contact?

2: Or is it there is injuries inside the urethra but no more infection?

3: And my pelvic pain area specifically is at the right side of my pelvic area. Any idea what's the cause of it? alcohol? herpes?(i'm actually positive for herpes type-1) long ago.

Thank's in again Vance2335 really appreciate your fast reply and help.

1. No

2. Could be an injury, NSU/NGU has discharge associated with it.

3. Not a STD
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