Not sure what's going on with my ****
by hotshot153, Nov 20, 2012
2 days ago I got a blowjob from a total stranger I just met. It lasted like 3 minutes and I came. An hour later I was freaking out so I washed my dick with hand soap and then even cleaned my pee hole with soap (bad idea I think). Within an hour after the bj it hurt to pee at the tip of the penis. (after the soap-maybe that's the problem) and it hurt that way for roughly 30 pisses (2days) and I drank roughly 80 ounces of water a day if not more. This morning it happened when I peed but it's not every **** like it was previously. It may burn later when I pee but as of now it doesnt hurt to pee. After pissing yesterday and it hurt I jerked off instantly and jizzed to test for pain when that happened and no pain. However today when I woke up I had slight pain or soreness in my left nut. I showered and went to Pilates class and felt no pain there. Later I felt a little pain of soreness on the right side (both temporary) and I think I felt the pain again on the left after but not sure. Right now it seems fine. Anyways all day today my tip of the dick has tingled not really painful but just tingling really sensitively. Sometimes it feels like the tingle goes down the dick and to the balls temporarilly. But that's hard to tell if that's real or my imagination while in class. Then after being awake for 5 hours in class it started feeling a little itchy right above my dick on the belly button side in the pubic area. Because of the pubic area it is hard to tell if there is a red rash there or not. But it does seem kind of red. It also seems like it might be red right between the 2 balls on the scrotum. Keep in mind all of this is within 48 hrs of the 3 min bj. I also got tested yesterday less than 24 hours of the bj and I got screened and am awaiting results. I am freaking out on what I might have!!! The person claimed to be clean but who knows so Im ******* scared! Please help me!!!
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by Life360, Nov 20, 2012
Hi and welcome. Symptoms for Gonorrehea and clyhmidia are abut 5 days after contact. Gono a big deal with burning as there is a open sore in the urethrea and white discharge.
Clyhmidia more subtle with minor irritation, more of an itching with slight white discharge. Most times you think you have it but not sure do to the slight symptoms.
I think your testicle pain is from banging them checking your penis.
your sore throat is something else as you did not give her oral sex so pretty much rule herpes out.
The soap surly burned the inside tip..
Maybe best to see a doctor if you worried.
by hotshot153, Nov 20, 2012
Well after going to my colleges public health office they said everything seems fine but to get tested 2-3 weeks after contact regardless what my old tests say. I also read I could have got an NGU from the soap getting in the urethra and it said that can cause almost instant inflammation. Let's pray that's all this is. And yes you could be right on the pain from checking and cleaning it that's what the health worker thought. She also checked my junk and saw no redness so maybe I'm just paranoid. However I don't know how to explain the tingling at all from what I've read. Unsure why the balls would tingle if it were just soap. I also heard its very rare to get std or Sti from oral so let's hope that is true also. I should also note I don't have a soar throat I just noticed I had a blister on the lip I've had those before years ago so maybe unrelated but was just documenting it. I guess I'll just wait for my test results and then pray. I feel a lot better now but still mildly worried on the constant tingling. Any insight on the tingling sensation?
by gracefromHHP, Nov 21, 2012
you tested far too early for std's.

fyi - washing up after sexual contact does not reduce the risk of a std. std's are transmitted during the sex act itself, they don't lay around on the skin to work their way into the body over time. NEVER put soap into your urethra - as you found out the hard way - it's not a good idea.

odds are this is just a chemical urethritis going on from the soap. since unprotected oral isn't safe sex, you should repeat your urine testing and testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea after 1 week post encounter.  ask what the rates of syphilis infection are in your area to see if you also need to cover that base. should you get any obvious rashes or blisters, be seen promptly for further evaluation.

protect yourself in the future and only have protected sexual contact!!!

have you had your gardasil shot series for hpv yet?

by hotshot153, Jan 06, 2013
No I have not got that shots before. Okay here for an update. On the 24th of December I got hives for a day or two. On my arms and legs. Not on my privates. Then I wore sweats constantly washed my hands and didn't touch the rash etc and it went away. I got sick on the 18th of December roughly 1 month post encounter. And today is January 6th and I still have a cough about 19 days later. Also my throat is kinda going in and out of not feeling well. Being sore on one side of the throat or the other. I'm going to go see a dr this week to check for pheunomia. Could these be signs of HIV? I'm going to get tested jan 18 (2 months after exposure). On the 15th I did party very hard and drink a lot and walk 2 miles in the cold at like 4 in the morning so that could have been the cause of the sickness though but it is roughly 4 weeks past exposure at the time so idk if they are related. But even now the inside of my urethra tingles sometimes and feels weird in the middle of it. I did get tested for chlamydia and gon and both came back negative. But I need advice on what the hell is going on.

1. Blowjob nov 18
     - put soap in urethra causes irritation that went away after some time
     - clap and gon test came back negative
     - cough that makes back feel bruised from excessive coughing and mucus in the morning then gone til following morning
      - tingling inside dick and in middle of urethra
      - no genital rashes or anything I can see as well as examined by health care worker and she saw nothing but rashes on arms and legs
      - I had night sweats for 1 or 2 nights where I woke up sweaty but I sleep with a heated blanket and lots of blankets
      - I am on winter break and am commonly up 2-4 am (does not help)
      - I have partied and drank a lot on new years and one other occasion while sick (doesn't help)
      -only have this annoying cough reminds me of running pheunomia I had a few years back.
      -no energy loss I feel fine in all aspects beside cough morning mucus and tingling penis that isn't always tingling (comes and goes)
      -going to see a dr about cough this week
      -January 18 getting blood test for HIV and syphilis

Any thoughts advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.
by gracefromHHP, Jan 06, 2013
you have no reason to think you have hiv.   sounds like you caught a cold or the flu like many folks do this time of the year at this point.
by hotshot153, Jan 06, 2013
I was under the impression pheunomia could be a sympton as well as rashes? I agree it is very unlikely but based on what I said what makes you so quick to through it? It does put me at ease hearing you say it though! Also why do you think the inside of my urethra is tingling randomly throughout the day? This never used to happen. Maybe a STI is in there? I have no clue but it is very annoying. Any help is appreciated and thanks for your previous comments.