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Oral Gonorrhea Transmission
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Oral Gonorrhea Transmission

One month and half ago I had a sexual intercourse with a prostitute.
She gave me a protected fellatio until I had *** in condom. Fellatio was protected by condom during all the intercourse.

Before she gave me fellatio we had deep french kisses with saliva exchange (my tounge touched her mouth lips and tongue and viceversa).

I'm worried about oral gonorrhea trasmission if she had it in her mouth.
Can oral gonorrhea spread through deep french kissing with saliva exchange?

Fifteen days after the intercourse a I got a sore throat that is still giving me pain.
Sometimes sore throat symptmos seem to resolve but then, after a week I feel good, they start again.
Ten days ago my doctor gave me Azithromycin, thinking about some bacterial sore throat. As said, for a week, antibiotics seemed to work but three days ago pain and sore throat has restarted.

Can my sore throat be related to an oral gonorrhea infection?
I'm a bit worried about this possibility.



PS Sorry for my English but I write from Italy. I hope my question is clear.
Welcome to the forum.  Thanks for your question. Congratulations for your smart decision to use a condom for sex with a commercial partner.

You don't have oral gonorrhea, for several reasons.  Gonorrhea is not transmitted by kissing.  It is statistically unlikely your partner had oral gonorrhea, but you are not at risk even if she did.  Anyway, oral gonorrhea usually causes no symptoms; it can cause sore throat, but rarely.  On top of all that, if gonorrhea were the cause of your sore throat, the azithromycin would have cured it.

Almost certainly you just caught a standard vIrus; your symptoms have nothing to do with the sexual exposure you are worried about.  It hasn't cleared up because it's caused by a virus -- and antibiotics like azithromycin have no effect on viral infections.

Recheck with your doctor if the sore throat continues.  But no matter what happens, don't worry at all about gonorrhea or other STDs.

Best wishes and stay safe--  HHH, MD
Thanks a lot for the answer, Doctor Handsfield.

Just some further questions.

I don't know why, here in Italy, kissing is supposed to be risky for oral gonorrhea transmission, instead in many other international forums, kissing risk is supposed to be negligible.

About Azithromycin: I took 500 mg of it every day for three days. I believed Azithromycin was recomended for Chalmydia treatment not for Gonorrhea or, better, wasn't first choice for gonoccoccical infections.
Would it really have cured gonorrhea if I had in my throat?

However, after your answer, I'm a little less worried about my sore throat

Thanks again

I cannot comment on advice available on Italian websites and forums, but I stand by the information and advice on this one.  All STD experts know that gonorrhea is not transmitted by kissing.

Although azithromycin is not the main treatment for gonorrhea, it is recommended in most countries as a back-up drug.  The dose you took is lower than normally used, but would usually be effective. But even if you hadn't been treated at all, there would be no reason to be worried about oral gonorrhea in this situation.
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