Oral Herpes transfered by cups or pipes?
by whatwhat, May 15, 2007
Hey, Long story short:

I smoked cannabis last weekend with someone who we now suspect of having oral herpes. The day after or so my friend saw something on his lower lip off to the side. The guy didn't know where it came from but he 'thought it was a cut' or something. I smoked with him a 2nd time I took 1 bong rip after he had used it, but at that point wasn't aware he might be infected.

At this point I've thrown all my smoking stuff away and am freaking out. If you get it, do you always have an initial outbreak? How soon after becoming infected can I get a blood test done? If I do have it, is it legal to tattoo 'HERPES' on his forehead?

We don't know if that was actually it until he gets tested.

Whats the possibility of me getting herpes from smoking out of the same pipe as him? The first time I don't think he had any sign of it, and the 2nd time there was a scab on the far left of his lower lip. The bong we used had a small mouth piece, maybe it didn't touch his cut?

Please help,

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by OKnow, May 15, 2007
Dude over half the population has cold sores (herpes I) so you might already have it with no symptoms. Half the girls you've made out with in your lifetime have had it (statistically) so you shouldn't freak too much.
by AdviceSeeker06, May 15, 2007
Hi there,

Herpes does not live very long outside of the body.  Unless it is a wet warm surface, I would not consider it a risk.

Most transmissions are due to direct contact of a lesion to another part of the body.

Bottom line:  I would not lose any sleep over it.

by whatwhat, May 16, 2007
How long does it take before it can show up in a test?

I would think the risk from catching it from a pipe or joint that is being passed around would be high. (no pun intended) How contagious is it through saliva? (Second hand contact)

I'm really freaked that the second time I smoked with him, he had a mark that had scabbed.. which was how this was first brought to my attention. (WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU TELL US?!!!)

also how long can it survive outside for? does holding a lighter to the pipe sanitize it from herpes? what about a blowtorch? me and my friends are this ' ' close to throwing away some beautiful glass if theres even a .1% chance of getting herps from it.

by AdviceSeeker06, May 16, 2007
Hello again,

Let me help you feel at ease:

"How contagious is it through saliva?"  0 minutes 0 seconds "through saliva"

"How long does it take before it can show up in a test?"

Three months if you want to be sure through a blood test.  

It can show up in a test if you take a culture of a sore immediatly (where immediatly = the amount of time it takes to get the test results back from the lab)

"Also how long can it survive outside for?"

In a warm wet surface, for example, it can last for up to two hours outside of the body if X where X = the object has directly touched the cold sore.

An example would be a wet towel after taking a shower.

"Does holding a lighter to the pipe sanitize it from herpes?"

I dont know...sorry cannot help you with that one.

"me and my friends are this ' ' close to throwing away some beautiful glass if theres even a .1% chance of getting herps from it."

If you are that paranoid, do not use it two hours after a potential exposure.  I am positive that it would not last that long on a glass surface; however, you can be 100% that after two hours have past there is a 0% chance that it has the Herpes virus on it.

Bottom line:  Keep the glasses and feel free to get high tomorrow if you want.

by BethanySublime, May 16, 2007
i doubt you have anything to worry about.  even IF you did catch herpes (which I highly doubt) like adviceseeker said, oral herpes are extremely common and does not mean you will get genital herpes.
by gracefromHHP, May 16, 2007
You and your friends risk of contracting hsv1 orally thru sharing a bong or a pot pipe is almost nil. As adults we are most likely to contract oral herpes thru direct skin on skin contact with someone who is infected with the virus - good old fashioned smooching.  

60% of adults have hsv1 orally. It's incredibly common though only about 20-40% of the folks who have it get obvious cold sores to know they are infected.  So the reality is if 5 of you are getting high together - 3 of you have hsv1 orally but only 1 of you knows it because they get obvious cold sores.  This is not the first time you've ever shared anything with someone who has oral herpes - whether it's drug paraphernalia, drinks or spit. It's far more common than most folks realize and it's not a reason to throw anything out. Also it's easily killed with soap and water and doesn't survive long on solid surfaces.

Chill 'ax dude - you're totally over reacting.