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Oral herpes in nose and mouth
I have had oral herpes for more than a dozen years. First infection was on my lip, but now I almost exclusively get a lesion in my right nostril. Recently (over the past year) I have had outbreaks in my left nostril. I also get what I assume are canker sores in my mouth, but just wanted to check - both the cold sore in my nose and what I assume to be canker sores in my mouth happen at around the same time. But the sores in my mouth (gums and hard palate) don't look like raised blisters - just red spots that hurt and only last for three days. So, my questions are -

1. Should I worry that I'm getting herpes outbreaks in a different spot now (right nostril to left nostril), or is that just because the virus travels along the nerves, which are very close together?

2. Does it sound like I have canker sores or cold sores in my mouth?
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Welcome back to the Forum. Straight to your questions:

1.  I would not worry about recurrence of HSV-1 in one nostril or another. The nerves are close together and nerves supplying both sites were probably infected at the time of your initial infection.

2.  Your oral lesions do not sound like HSV lesions as such lesions are rare however, if you are worried, my advice is to go on and have them tested by culture or PCR the next time they appear. EWH
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