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Painful bump on labia
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Painful bump on labia

Okay, so I've had this recurring issue for a couple years now. Every time I shave/trim my genital area, any time I wash with scented soaps, any time I use scented tampons, and/or any time I have sex too "vigorously" or without adequate lubricant, I get one or two small bumps shortly after. They are painful (like touching an open cut), and because of their location, are painful during urination/wiping.
As I said, I've had this recurring problem for around 2 years or so (noticed the first time after shaving all the hair in the area when showering). I am sexually active with my boyfriend of one year, but the timeframe of this all leads me to believe that it has nothing to do with him (although he hasn't been tested). He's never had a sore or a bump or anything.
I was tested last summer for HSV 1/2, and the HSV 1 test came back positive, and the HSV 2 test came back equivocal. (0.94H, I believe). When I spoke to the doc after getting the test results, she was confident that the HSV 2 was low enough to be negative, and that the "equivocal" was a result of testing positive for HSV1 (I'd had a cold sore as a child). She said that it would only turn out positive if I had a new infection at the time of testing, and it just wasn't showing on the test yet...but due to the fact that I'd had my symptoms occur over a year prior, that was unlikely.
I just got another bump (always one, and always in the same spot!) yesterday, and it's making me panic all over again. I trimmed the hair several days ago, and it is in the growing-back stage...but I also just found out that I'm pregnant, and I don't want anything to be wrong. I don't have my first medical exam until next week, but I just want some peace of mind. Am I just going crazy for nothing? What could this be?
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well herpes type one can be transmited to your genitals and show itself differently than type two, it could be type one herpes. Also there are people that are immune to herpes. It might also just be a reaction to shaving and sented things.
usually i'd say the more optimistic thing first, but you're prenant and whatever it is should be checked out as soon as possible ask your doctor to test you for type one herpes in your genitals, that way if you do or dont have it you can know.
herpes can be transmited to a child while giving birth.
so please just make sure you dont have it

i hope its nothing.
and that everything works out for the best. good luck :)
and congratulations
no real reason to think you have herpes that wasn't picked up on on your original testing.   since you are pregnant though, be sure that your partner is tested so you know if you need to be taking any precautions for sex/oral sex during your pregnancy so you have 1 less thing to worry about.

go and be seen for your symptoms for better answers. Don't pick at this or shave again until the skin is back to normal.


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