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Partner has HSV1, and possible outbreak
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Partner has HSV1, and possible outbreak


My partner has had hsv-1 (on lip) since she was a child :- but upto now no outbreaks for 2 years, its a fairly new relationship and with distance we see each other fri, sat, sunday at the moment. I may or may not have HSV1 ive never had sores.

Today she told me she 'may have a coldsore trying to come through'

im guessing this is the prodrome stage?

I know about shedding, and i know theres a small risk even when no coldsores are present and decided to take that risk.

However im a bit confused about risks when she has a coldsore present

I know obviously no oral sex, or kissing

dont share glasses etc (i dont anyway)

but, other practical things i dont know, id be grateful for info on?
Im wary about probing her too much, as my reaction when she told me the first time wasnt gr8 and dont want to make her paranoid.

How long does prodrome last?. I know she doesnt use meds, if theres no OB or the feeling stops in the next 2 or 3 days is it unlikely to be an outbreak?

Assuming there is an outbreak, and we stay together for the weekend, are there risks from sharing a bed?. Towelling we dont share anyway, but normal things, cuddling, (head on chest etc) are they safe?. I dont know if they can spread to chest etc.

Or if theres a real risk of genital spreading off her hands for instance.

I really dont want to make a deal of it, it isnt a big deal!, i just want to avoid catching it.

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I already answered this on the herpes forum. Please don't double post on each forum since you get the same folks answering on both most times anyways. thank you.

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