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Penis opening is just irritated...puffy like a pair of lips
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Penis opening is just irritated...puffy like a pair of lips

To start off, I had an epidsode of HSV-1 on genitals 4 years ago, no outbreaks since. Also was treated for Trich about 3 months ago.

It all started three weeks ago..

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Penis pain, near the base where it's connected to my body. it dried up, etc..put tinactin on it and now its gone. But the lingering thing here is that my meatus is slightly raised, and slightly red. almost like the appearance of lips and slightly discharge, lesions and no pain upon urinating. and after sex it is very inflamed.

I've been tested for gon and chlamydia and were negative as with everything else....and no infection found in urine....but it's getting to the point where it's so annoying...i want to be back to normal...I've been to two md's, my primary and my urologist...they seem to think its nothing much...but they aren't the one with inflamed urethra opening...could this all be from the yeast...currently, my gf has no symptoms.

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