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Question For Dr. HHH: Breakdown Of Risks
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Question For Dr. HHH: Breakdown Of Risks

This question directed at Dr. H. Hunter Handsfield, but is open to anyone else.

I have often seen your posts on here clearing up myths regarding the level of risk posed by various activities.  For instance, a very strong area of interest for me is that posed by cunnilingus, and I've learned that the risks posed by such are normally greatly exaggerated in CDC-published literature.

What I would really love is a full breakdown of various unprotected activities, what you are actually putting yourself at risk for by engaging in them and the degree of that risk.  The parameters I would be most interested in are:

- Cunnilingus
- Fellatio
- Analingus
- Anal Intercourse
- Vaginal Intercourse
- Manual Stimulation Of Vagina
- Manual Stimulaltion Of Penis
- Kissing
- Oral Contact Elsewhere (e.g. Nipples)
- Manual Contact Elsewhere (i.e. Groping)
- Sharing Penetrative Toys (e.g. oral, anal, vaginal, etc.)
- Sharing External Toys (e.g. clitoral vibrators)

- Chlamydia
- Gonorrhea
- HSV1 & 2
- Hepatitis (HAV, HBV & HCV)
- Syphilis
- Trichomoniasis
- Yeast Infections
- Mononucleosis

I'm interested for both partners involved in said activities where applicable.

If this is all too exhaustive, I'm most interested in a full breakdown of the risks involved in cunnilingus... but I think it would be a wonderful resource to have all of the above thoroughly answered in one place.

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You need to pay and post in the doctors forum to recieve an answer from them sorry.
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