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Re-examine bump on penis?

Thank you for taking the time to answer questions on this site. I developed a small bump on my penis in early December '08. After hoping it would just go away, I did the smart thing and had an exam with my doctor in January. He quickly glanced at it and, combined with my very conservative sexual history (4 partners, 95% time protected), diagnosed it as a swollen sebaceous gland that may or may not go away. I was also tested for all stds detectable in blood and came back negative. Not sure about herpes, but as the bump still exists today, I imagine herpes is ruled out.

On to my question...the bump is still on my penis. The shape has not changed noticeably. It somewhat resembles a pimple, but I have tried squeezing it, and nothing comes out/feels like it is trying to come out. It is much less noticeable when erect. It is not painful. In the 3.5 months it has been there, I have masturbated, had oral, and vaginal sex. If this were HPV, could I expect it to have grown/spread? As I have had sex with only one partner in the last 5 years and know her to not be a carrier (I was her first), could I be one of the few with extreme delayed onset of genital warts? Most importantly would you recommend I have this re-examined? By the same doctor or a dermatologist? I know the doctor said enlarged sebaceous glands sometimes do not subside, but the doubt of whether the examination was thorough enough is killing me.

Thanks so much.
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The deciding factor in what I would suggest for you to do is that your are concerned and worried about this lesion.  From your description it could be either a wart of a persistent sebaceous gland cyst.  Both can stay, unchanged for rather long periods of times. Given your sexual history however, I favor the sebaceous cyst.  My advice would be that rather than to worry about it, you should see a dermatologist.  He/she can both provide you with a diagnosis and help to get rid of it is you wish.

Hope this helps.  Please let us know what the dermatologist says.  EWH
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