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Red Bumps on my tongue
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Red Bumps on my tongue

Okay, so I'm very scared right now.
I've noticed these red bumps on the back of my tongue since last Tuesday, the 4th of November, and it's still there.
It doesn't really hurt unless i take my finger nail and like scratch them.
Its just plain red/pink and it doesnt look like it's growing or anything, and they don't scratch.
I forget that they are there, unless i look in the mirror

On Oct 31st, i had sex with my Master.

I also had oral sex with him, and he "deep throated" me a lot, and he also "throat ****** me" a lot.
His penis, is pierced as well.
So i was thinking that maybe his piercing might of cut the back of my tongue as he was pushing it deeper and deeper inside of my mouth.
I also swallowed his *** twice, that day.
And when I came home that night, i fell asleep and i didnt brush my teeth, or rinse out my mouth.
But i did have food right after i had sex with him.
Pizza and soda. [not that i think that has anything to do with these bumps]

I havent told him yet, because I thought it would go away.

We also had intercourse and anal sex. And i've checked and there are no bumps there.

I also have a fever, i had it for a couple of days and i've been coughing.
I took theraflu for it, and it's going away.
I get sick very fast like once a month so i don't know if it's related to this or not.
I really don't want to go to the doctor as yet, but I just want people's opinion on what they think it is.

Please reply.
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Red bumps that don't hurt probably aren't much of anything.  It could even be a sensitivity to a toothpaste you are using, a food you are eating, etc.

It might be a reaction to the piercing your partner has.  

If you are getting sick once a month, you should let your doctor know that.

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