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Red bump in pubic hair

I have a red bump about the size of a pencil eraser located 1-1 1/2 inches above my penis in my pubic hair. I have had the bump now for 1 week and nothing has changed, There is no pain associated with the bump and there are three hairs coming out of it. When I first saw the bump I was able to squeeze a little white pus (like a zit)out of what looked like one of the hair folicues, but since then I havent been able to pop it or get anything else to come out of it. I havent had any other symptoms. Two and half weeks before I noticed the bump I did reccieve a hand job where the girl was using baby oil and also spit on her hand once for more lubrication. The spit wasnt the primary means of lubrication and she only did it once. Other than the hand job there hasn't been any risky behavior. Could this be anytype of an STD?
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Welcome back to the Forum.  What you have described is a great description of folliculitis which is not an STI.  Folliculitis occurs when the pores and hair follicles  in your skin get plugged.  This allows for normal bacteria that are present on just about every-one's skin to grow and cause what is essentially a pimple.  Some of these just appear as red bumps which may or may not be  tender while others go on to actually form pimples.  In some instances as you describe, if you look closely you can see a hair coming out of, or nearby the bump- this too is typical of folliculitis).

Most folliculitis does not need antibiotic treatment and it is best not to squeeze the lesions as this can cause infection to spread.  Rather, washing the lesions with a wash cloth, soap and water will take care of it.   Hot compresses or hot baths to the lesions sometimes help them to come to a head so that they can break open and drain spontaneously.

I hope this helps.  EWH
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