Red ring around the base of my penis "head"
by Syrusthevirus, Nov 17, 2009
i'm a 22 y/o male and i am sexually active.In the last month i have noticed a red ring with tiny red bumps around the base of the head of my penis (where the head meets the shaft).These bumps and ring doesnt hurt and are not sensitive but do ocassionally "burst" and release a white'ish flued.The bumps and red ring appeard spontaneously one morning after a night of "rough" sex with my girlfriend :) What can it possibly be?? i have been worried about this for the last month but seeing that there is no pain,itchyness or irritation i didnt visit a doctor.This morning i applied Covospor to see if that might help??A response from a person qualified in in this sort of thing would be GREATLY appreciated!!
Tanx in advance!
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by gracefromHHP, Nov 17, 2009
At this point there's really nothing we can help you with online. You need to go and be seen and get a work up started.  Odds are that these aren't std related but you need to follow up on it to be sure.