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STD: Chlamydia test result showed "BORDERLINE". Will it spread?

Hello all medical experts,

I received unprotected oral sex and handjob from sex workers for the past 1 month. Throughout the 2010-2013, I had protected vagina sex with numerous girls. The condoms were intact for all the acts. Until more recently, I am more aware about my own health and safety. Hence, I stopped all the activities and I decided to go for STD test, despite having any symptoms of any STD.

Here's the detail of my report (released by Gribbles Pathology yesterday, and the blood sample was taken a week before)

HIV 1 and 2  Not detected (method: ECLIA)
RPR : Non Reactive
TPHA: Non Reactive
Herpes Simplex 1  IgG 0.0
Herpes Simplex 2  IgG 0.0
Chlamydia Species IgG 1.1 (inc: psittaci, trachomatis, pneumoniea).

Reference range:
Positive=  > 1.1
Borderline= 0.9 - 1.1
Negative=  <0.9

I was told the Chlamydia test showed "BORDERLINE", of which my antibody is fighting against the bacteria, and I had not been known to have any Chlamydia virus yet. Nonetheless, I was prescribed 4 tablets of Zithromax 250 mg, to be taken at one-shot after my dinner.

My concern is:
1) What does the BORDERLINE tell?
2) Do the bacteria develop into virus over the one week time frame (i.e. from blood sampling to the result reported)?
3) I have a long-term girl friend, we have protected vagina sex over the course of our relationship, but unprotected oral sex (both giving and receiving). Meanwhile, she had sexual acts with 2 of her previous boyfriends, but only limited to unprotected oral sex, dry humps and handjobs (as per told by her).
In the one week period (i.e. from blood sampling to the result reported), we had unprotected oral sex (she performed on me), but protected vagina sex.
My question is:
Can the Chlamydia bacteria turned into the Chlamydia virus, hence transmit to my girlfriend through the unprotected oral sex, within that one week?
4) How possible is Chlamydia transmitted through unprotected oral sex?
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Welcome to the forum.

Probably you do not have a chlamydial infection. The chlamydia blood test is pretty much useless.  Positive indicates past infection either with chlamydia (the STD) or with related bacteria that cause respiratory infection.  The ONLY way to test for a current genital chlmayidal infection is to have a direct test for chlamydia on urine or a urethral swab.  Further, chamydia is rarely transmitted by oral sex -- so your exposure was nearly zero risk for chlamydia.  Given the uncertainty of the blood test result, it was reasonable for you to be treated -- but it probably wasn't necessary.  To your specific question:

1) See above.

2) I don't understand the question.  Probably you misunderstood something you read.  Chlamydia is a bacteria; it does not change into a virus or vice versa.

3) For the reasons discussed above, I doubt your girlfriend has chlamydia.  But the only way to know for sure is for her to have a urine or vaginal swab sample tested for chlamydia.  As noted above, the virus/bacteria comments make no sense.

4) Chlamydia rarely takes hold in the throat, and is rarely transmitted by oral sex (in either direction).

In summary, you probably did not have chlamydia. If you did, the azithromycin cured it.  It is unlikely your girlfriend has chlamydia, but the only way to know for certain is for her to be tested.

I hope this has helped. Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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Sorry, I meant, I stopped all the activities and I decided to go for STD test, despite having NO SYMPTOMS of any STD.

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Based on the exposure you had (oral sex and handjob, without vaginal or anal sex), you did not need testing for chlamydia.
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Hi Doctor,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

My actual concern is whether will I spread the disease to my girlfriend, I'm very worried about it. I will list out the timeline as below:

Day 1 - Blood sample for STD testing
Day 2 - HIV result show NEGATIVE
Day 3 & 4 - Nothing happens
Day 5 - Had protected vagina sex with my girlfriend, but received unprotected oral sex from here
Day 6 - Received the report, stating all STD negative, but Chlamydia BORDERLINE.

The BORDERLINE result really worries me, that it could have already turned POSITIVE during the testing period, and I could have spread the Chlamydia to my girlfriend when she performed oral sex to me.

I did not have any unprotected anal or vagina sex, but only unprotected oral and handjob. How could I have caught the chlamydia disease?

I am really worried about it, I don't want to see my relationship gone sour.
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Hi Doctor,

Besides, does having protected vagina sex with sex workers but only receive unprotected oral sex expose me to Chlamydia?

I have HIV, and other STD cleared, but the Chlamydia BORDERLINE result really disturbs me.

Thanks for your time and effort again.
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"My actual concern is whether will I spread the disease to my girlfriend..."  Of course not.  You cannot pass an infection you do not have.

"does having protected vagina sex with sex workers but only receive unprotected oral sex expose me to Chlamydia?"  Already answered above:  no.  (Perhaps you did not understand my reply -- maybe English is not your primary language.)

"the Chlamydia BORDERLINE result really disturbs me."  Re-read my reply above.
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