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STD? Freaking out
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STD? Freaking out

Hi Doctor, thank you so much for your help!

Here's my issue:

I have been in a monogamous relationship with the same girl for 4 years. 5 days ago I had protected vaginal and unprotected oral (giving and receiving) with a friend of five years. It was a mistake, We were drunk and from what I remember the condom slipped off during vaginal intercourse and I freaked out and took a shower, and continued oral.

The next day, I had unprotected sex with my gf. Now I am freaking out that I have somehow given my girlfriend and STD.

I was tested for chlamydia and gonnorreah a year ago with no signs of any infection.
The friend I slept with has been full panel tested twice with the last test being 2 months ago. All results were negative.

The past few days I have been extremely stressed, drinking all day to deal with it. I have not been sleeping a lot or eating well, been a bit constipated too.

Yesterday, during a bowel movement, I noticed a thick semen looking substance hanging from the tip of my penis. I have never had that happen to me, i didn't notice a smell to it but it was very alarming. After I saw that I freaked out and I keep checking myself for "spontaeneous leakage" but have not seen any yet... I feel like the tip of my penis could be tingling. Not when I urinate but as I sit here and think about it. Could this just be my mind? Also, my girlfriend said she had bad abdominal pains.

I am going to get tested as soon as I can, and the girl I was with is getting tested tomorrow.

If I could have any insight from you I would be very grateful!!
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Welcome to the forum and thanks for your question.  I'll try to help.

First, with her regular and recent STD testing, it is very unlikely your casual partner/friend has a transmissible STD.  Second, most STDs are not efficiently transmitted; in other words, even when one partner is infected, the disease is transmitted only in a minority of unprotected exposures.  Third, you used a condom for vaginal sex, which was really the only risky part of your exposure.  Fourth, as just implied, oral sex is basically safe sex, with low overall rates for all STDs and zero for some.

Your symptoms don't suggest any STD.  Here is another thread that discusses semen or prostate fluid being expressed during bowel movements.  (It opens with a statement that this happens to "amost all men".  That's probably not true -- but it certainly is a very common symptom.)  As you will see, it's generally not a sign of STD or any other health problem.  You can also find other threads about this by using the forum's search function.

I cannot guarantee that you didn't catch something that you conceivably could have transmitted to your regular partner.  But based on the information provided, the odds are very low.  If I were in your situation, I would continue unprotected sex with my wife without fear of infecting her with anything, and I would not feel a need for STD testing.  Of course you could always visit your doctor or your local health department for STD testing if you require additional reassurance.

I hope this has helped. Best wishes--  HHH, MD
Thank you for your help!

I have not noticed any additional symptoms since then, besides diarrhea and some low fever, which I suspect is a result of anxiety and stress of traveling.

My last question to you Doctor,
I would like to get tested just for my peace of mind, to rule out exclusively (hopefully). If the incident was 10 days ago, when can I go get tested and have accurate results?

I have heard it takes up to 3 weeks, but my friends doctor tested her after 5 days.

Thank you very much for your help.
5 days is sufficient for gonorrhea and chlamydia testing.  Syphilis and HIV blood tests need to be delayed until 6 weeks after the last exposure.  I would not reocmmend you be tested for any STDs aside from these.
An update:

To be sure I didn't have anything BEFORE my encounter (to protect my friend) I went ahead and got a test for chlamydia, gon, hep B and C, HSV1 & 2, HIV and syphilis. All results were negative. My friend was also tested for the same, with all results negative.

I was not tested for Trich or NGU. But I am on azithromycin for unrelated reasons. That would at least rule out NGU?

I am thinking the only two conceivable risks to pass anything to my partner are:
1) If I have Trich (slightly red opening of penis, no burning or discharge since encounter 12 days ago)


2) Either my gf or her bf had an exposure to an std (HepB & C, HSV1 & 2, HIV, syphilis)  had it just long enough to pass to one of us, and one of us pass to the other.... effectively not showing up on our recent std tests. The window for that to happen is what, 2-4 weeks? That is extremely unlikely, but possible.
Trich isn't an issue -- not possible by oral sex or protected vaginal.  NGU rare after a single oral exposure, and in any case treated by azithromycin.

Question 2 is a "what if" question, and can also be viewed as a "gotcha" question.  Can I imagine the scenario you describe, i.e. exposure and infection by someone who had been infected so recently her own tests were negative?  Of course.  So that means I am acknowledging your anxious assumption that you could have been at risk.  But do I think it is a realsitic concern?  Absolutely not.  I suggest you drop it.

My advice is that you drop all your concerns or fears about any STD from the event described and that you not waste your money on further STD tests, at any time.  Even if you do it, I'm not particularly interested in hearing the negative results.  So that will end this thread.
Today I had the following symptoms:

- Sensitive penis head (slight pain during sex)
- Tingling and some slight shooting pains at the tip of my penis throughout the day
- Pink opening of the urethra
- When I went to the bathroom today I noticed a fresh wet sticky discharge spot on my boxers about the size of a penny. It was slimy and clear. From what I could wipe off, there was no smell to the substance...
- No pain during urination
- Have been a couple of small, almost indistinguishable red puffy spots on the rim of my penis

If STDs have been "ruled out"... what could this be???

I have taken three .25 mg xanax in the past 24 hours... could this have anything to do with it? What about stress?
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